DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Healthy eating habits are an important part of sustainable living. On World Vegan Day, which celebrates the benefits of veganism for humans and the environment, LG Electronics (LG) highlights the positive impact of an eco-friendly lifestyle and showcases how we can be kinder to our planet while still living our daily lives. LG’s kitchen appliances enable people to cook healthier dishes and keep food at the peak of freshness for longer, preventing it from going to waste.

As Fresh as It Could Be
Worry less about food damage with LG InstaView side-by-side refrigerator that comes with LINEARCooling technology, reducing temperature fluctuations, and locking in the flavor of fresh for up to 7 days. Storing more fruits and vegetables without fear of losing their freshness is now an option for all the vegans out there! LG refrigerator delivers freshness evenly and faster with its optimal humidity to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer. Additionally, LG InstaView storage capacity fits massive amounts of food while being designed in a way that doesn’t crowd your kitchen. Store your favorite food items and enjoy their freshness.

Healthy Eating Made Easier
Spending long hours preparing a healthy meal is no longer a hassle with LG NeoChef. Steam, boil, and grill your favorite dishes faster and healthier. LG microwave enables you to cook tasty and healthy dishes more evenly and thoroughly, locking in the flavor. With a heat absorption function, it provides healthier dishes with 72% Less Oil, Less Fat. Steaming vegetables has become faster, more convenient, and much simpler with LG steam accessories. Get inspired by LG’s healthy recipes and enhance your lifestyle by using LG’s eco-friendly kitchen appliances.

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