Dubai, United Arab Emirates — In a world where environmental challenges are ever-increasing, LG Electronics (LG), a global pioneer in technology and sustainability, continues to pave the way for a more sustainable future with its groundbreaking ThinQ technology. With an unwavering commitment to developing solutions that not only enhance lives but also preserve our planet, LG is proud to showcase LG ThinQ, the smart home ecosystem that has transcended traditional boundaries, creating a seamless blend of convenience and environmental consciousness.

At the heart of LG’s ThinQ ecosystem lies a profound commitment to empowering consumers to make eco-conscious choices. It encompasses a line of AI-enabled products, services, and a custom-built app that empowers users with unparalleled control over their devices, allowing for optimal energy efficiency without compromising on performance. LG ThinQ fosters seamless communication between devices, enabling users to effortlessly monitor and control various appliances remotely. The app’s intelligent design allows users to monitor and manage energy consumption, ultimately contributing to reduced carbon footprints and a healthier planet.

LG ThinQ-enabled appliances are engineered to minimize energy and water consumption. As an illustration, LG’s washing machines powered by Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive technology can automatically identify fabric weight and texture and intelligently select the optimal washing cycle, ensuring cleanliness of clothes while also conserving water and reducing energy use. Moreover, LG ThinQ app can analyze and learn individual usage patterns, automatically optimizing power consumption. For instance, if the user tends to open the fridge less often at night, the app will adjust its energy consumption to the lowest level during the night. LG’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond product use, minimizing the environmental impact of LG’s products throughout their entire lifecycle.

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