EXEED Redefines the Automotive Experience at the 2023 User Sumit in China

The 2023 User Summit held on October 15 and 16 in Wuhu, China, marked a significant milestone for EXEED, the renowned Chinese automotive brand. The summit featured the grand unveiling of two exceptional vehicles, redefining the boundaries of driving and luxury. The event started with an ecological product exhibition and a conference focused on sustainable concepts, emphasizing EXEED’s dedication to innovation and exploration.

In a dazzling display of opulence and innovation, EXEED took center stage during the summit to introduce its latest marvel, the EXEED VX. This exceptional model is meticulously crafted to cater to sophisticated users redefining the very standards of luxury in the world of automotive. EXEED VX emerges as a symbol of prestige and elegance, capturing the spotlight with its undeniable presence.

EXEED also unveiled the remarkable E03, a vehicle designed to elevate the driving experience. The E03 seamlessly integrated into the user’s lifestyle, offering comfort, convenience, and style while encouraging a connection with nature. It was designed to embrace life and explore unexpected landscapes while incorporating cutting-edge technology to redefine the journey.

EXEED’s CEO, Qin Chao, underscored the brand’s commitment to challenging norms and continuously pushing for more, as demonstrated by the recent introduction of the RX model at the Geneva International Motor Show in Qatar. Looking ahead, EXEED pledged to deliver further innovations in 2024, including New Energy Vehicle models like the luxurious electric series, EXLANTIX.

EXEED’s 20-year journey of exploration aligns with its ambition to become a globally recognized name. The brand’s expansion efforts have reached the Middle East, Europe, and South America, serving over 180,000 car owners globally, demonstrating their commitment to exceptional service.

The introduction of the EXEED E03 and VX models in the UAE, set in 2024, highlights the brand’s dedication to offering innovative, cutting-edge technology to its clients in the Emirates.

EXEED envisions breaking boundaries and exploring life’s infinite possibilities, considering vehicles as partners in experiencing life to the fullest and exploring the world. As EXEED evolves, its primary focus remains on providing value to users and creating unforgettable experiences, with a commitment to becoming a premium automotive brand resonating with users worldwide through tireless exploration.

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