Cofense Adds Email Security Risk Management and Validation Reporting to PhishMe®

The New Employee Engagement Index empowers employees; making them security allies, not liabilities.

Cofense®, the leader in email threat detection and response solutions, today unveiled new enhancements to its PhishMe® Employee Security Awareness Training (SAT) Platform. The latest addition, Employee Engagement Index, is set to transform how organizations manage email security risks.

The introduction of the Employee Engagement Index (EEI) transforms employees into security allies. This innovative tool continuously monitors employee interactions with PhishMe simulations, providing real-time data that offers valuable insights into their readiness to combat phishing threats, before they become damaging to an organization’s revenue and reputation.

“Cofense PhishMe pioneered the SAT industry over a decade ago, and in 2024, we proudly delivered our one-billionth employee training simulation,” stated David Van Allen, CEO of Cofense. “Our experience and data confirm that employees are an organization’s strongest asset against email based cyberattacks; they should not be considered the risk. That’s the core reason why we have upgraded PhishMe with the Employee Engagement Index.”

It is a well-known fact that most successful cyberattacks on businesses begin with a phishing email that slips past existing email security measures, even those new measures using AI. This makes employee email security awareness programs a critical component of a comprehensive, layered defense strategy. When employees are properly trained and motivated, they become a formidable first line of defense.

PhishMe’s Employee Engagement Index leverages over a decade of Cofense curated threat intelligence and combines those data with current employee behavioral patterns. The EEI then generates a continuously updated proficiency score, displaying a personalized metric that assesses individuals, cohorts, groups, and departments, allowing organizations to quickly pinpoint areas needing improvement and allows for immediate, targeted remediation efforts.

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