Bechtle Clouds Broadens Engagement With Netcracker Revenue Management and Digital Marketplace to Support Dynamic Business Growth

Multi-Cloud Service Provider’s Ongoing Collaboration With Netcracker Will Help Support Its Rapid Expansion of Products, Customers and Geography to Deliver a New Approach to Cloud Offerings

Netcracker Technology announced today that long-term customer Bechtle Clouds, a subsidiary of Bechtle AG, Germany’s largest IT system house, will expand its use of Netcracker Revenue Management and Netcracker Digital Marketplace in a multi-year engagement to support its highly dynamic and fast-growing business.

Bechtle Clouds, Bechtle AG’s multi-cloud service provider, delivers comprehensive cloud solutions and services to its growing customer base. It will expand its deployment with the addition of Netcracker Cloud Integration Platform, a core component of Netcracker Integration & API Management, which provides a large-scale, high-volume framework that enables low-code cloud integrations with a high level of operations management automation to deliver improved business performance and agility.

By extending its partnership with Netcracker, Bechtle Clouds will experience significant advantages, including rapid onboarding of new cloud vendors and products; gaining more customers due to outstanding digital experiences and dedicated marketing campaigns; expansion into new regions within Europe due to multi-brand/multi-currency/multi-language catalog management and customer portal experience; and a higher degree of automation that will support massive scaling of Bechtle Clouds’ business.

“We appreciate the reliability and innovation power of our partner Netcracker and the close cooperation between our companies,” said Ulrich Baisch, CIO of Bechtle AG. “These were key factors in our previous success and reasons for continuing down this path with Netcracker as we look to achieve our ambitious growth plans.”

“We are extremely proud to be part of Bechtle Clouds’ journey to becoming the premier multi-cloud service provider in Europe,” said Sylvain Seignour, President of Netcracker. “We’ve already achieved significant milestones with this project, including major upgrades and partner integration, and with this expansion we are looking forward to more success for Bechtle Clouds and its customers.”

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