Kanoony Launches Specialized Legal & Corporate Services for UAE Businesses

Addressing a crucial need in the UAE’s dynamic business environment, Kanoony launches its platform offering specialized legal and corporate services tailored for both individuals and businesses. Kanoony stands out with its digital-first approach.

In line with the new UAE Legislation platform, Kanoony understands the complexities of dealing with legal procedures,  in a diverse region like the UAE. Its aim is to simplify this journey. By providing online access to a robust library of contract templates and corporate services, Kanoony is rapidly becoming the preferred platform for many.

Legal Excellence in Contract Templates

One of the offerings of Kanoony is facilitating the reach to Legal Contract Templates. The UAE, with its evolving legal system, requires businesses to be ever careful about the contracts they draft and enforce. Kanoony’s templates, available in both English and Arabic, have been diligently crafted by professional lawyers with in-depth knowledge of the local legal system.

Their commitment goes beyond just offering templates. Kanoony dedicates resources ensuring these contracts remain up to date. By monitoring changes in laws and regulations, they try their best to assure  businesses accessing their platform are always using compliant and updated documents. This dedication ensures that companies have access to the best legal resources available.

A Comprehensive Suite of Corporate Services

As the UAE, especially Dubai, sees a surge in businesses looking to establish or expand their footprint, Kanoony is well-prepared to help.

Their offerings include company formation, Will registration, trademark registration, and services like bank account opening assistance and legal translation.

For new business owners setting up a company in the UAE, Kanoony’s guidance can be extremely beneficial. Be it operating as a freelancer, establishing a legal entity on the mainland, venturing into one of the free zones, or setting up an offshore company, the platform is equipped to guide you in every step.

Backing these services is a licensed law firm in Dubai with a team of dedicated legal professionals, each an expert in their respective domain. Their combined expertise ensures that clients not only get access to services but also receive guidance, advice, and clarity at each juncture.

Looking Ahead

Having a reliable partner to navigate the legalities can make all the difference. Kanoony, user-focused approach, and commitment to legal excellence, aims to be that partner.

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