JXNTV Unveils the Promotional Video, Showcasing the Important Role of Photovoltaic Technology in the Belt and Road Initiative

JXNTV unveils the promotional video, “I Capture the Sun along the Belt and Road,” a cinematic journey showcasing the pivotal role of photovoltaic technology in the grand tapestry of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ysVBeo6SD0

The video reveals that The joint construction of the Belt and Road has created a new model of win-win cooperation, becoming an international public product and a popular international cooperation platform in today’s world. It has become a belt of development that benefits the world and a ‘path to happiness’ that benefits people of all countries.

In Penang, Malaysia, an important port city on Zheng He’s voyage, we collected the light of cooperation and friendship on the “the Belt and Road”. From the world’s largest photovoltaic module production enterprise located in the Shangrao Photovoltaic New Energy Industrial Park in Jiangxi, to the largest overseas R&D and production base of Chinese photovoltaic enterprises in Penang, Malaysia, from giving him fish to teaching a man fishing, China and Malaysia have established comprehensive and multi-dimensional cooperation through technology sharing, talent cultivation, and industrial chain co construction, allowing the photovoltaic industry to take root and sprout in Penang, with lush branches and leaves. It also left behind touching stories of sincere communication between the Chinese side and local employees, breaking cultural barriers, and establishing sincere friendship.

Another win-win area is the Dubai CSP project. The 700 MW Dubai CSP project is the world’s largest and most technologically advanced CSP project being built under China-UAE cooperation. This is also the CSP project with the largest installed capacity, largest investment scale and largest heat reserve among molten salt reservoirs in the world. Photovoltaic Integrated Power Project. The ‘full load’ milestone is the most beautiful scenery in this hot-blooded desert. It is the solidarity and coordinated efforts of the participating parties as well as the joint efforts of the elite operations, commissioning and maintenance team of Jiangxi Power Construction Company and general contractor Shanghai Electric to capture light and dreams.

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