Sustainable clothing brand Priyankara launches in Dubai on International Women’s Day

Founded by Bhavika Thadani, Priyankara launches an organic cotton collection with vibrant colours and modern designs 

8th March 2024, Dubai, UAE: Priyankara, a brand-new sustainable, organic cotton clothing brand, launches in the UAE on International Women’s Day. With the philosophy of style, comfort, and environmental responsibility at its core, Priyankara introduces a collection of organic, handcrafted apparel from India designed to blend fashion and sustainability seamlessly. 

Founded by Bhavika, the brand reflects the spirit of female empowerment and innovation. Through its collection, the brand aims to empower women in and beyond the fashion industry and promote conscious living and ethical tourism. Furthermore, aligning with the UAE’s dedication to sustainability, especially with 2024 being a continuation of the ‘Year of Sustainability,’ Priyankara urges everyone to be more eco-conscious, especially within the fashion industry.

“At Priyankara, our mission goes beyond mere fashion. We’re committed to showing how sustainable practices can drive entrepreneurship forward. By prioritising eco-consciousness in every aspect of our business, from sourcing materials to production processes, we aim to set a new standard for responsible commerce. Our commitment revolves around saving the planet, supporting the artisans, and upholding sustainable clothing,” said Bhavika Thadani, Founder of Priyankara.

Founded on the principles of inclusivity and balance, Priyankara crafts each garment using traditional handloom techniques and herbal dyes. Furthermore, the brand focuses on celebrating the skilled hands and time-honoured methods of artisans. The brand’s ethos revolves around celebrating artisanal craftsmanship, preserving traditions, and minimising environmental impact.

Priyankara’s Herbal Dye Collection stands out uniquely in this market, bringing together vibrant colours and trendy styles. Furthermore, the Herbal Dye Collection is certified as per the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). 

Priyankara’s Organic Yarn Dyed Handloom Cotton collection perfectly blends traditional craftsmanship and modern style, showcasing the brand’s commitment to preserving artisanal techniques while embracing contemporary fashion trends.

Priyankara uses cutting-edge technology and processes to bring styles that resonate with the styles and values of the modern customer. With the aim of making trend-based fashion sustainable, Priyankara seeks to meet the needs of its fashion-forward and conscious consumers. Priyankara’s organic cotton garments embody purity, integrity, and authenticity and adhere to strict standards of quality, 

Taking inspiration from its Sanskrit namesake, meaning “one who is dear or pleasing,” Priyankara embodies a commitment to embracing natural beauty while cultivating harmony between humanity and the environment. The brand aims to support furry friends and animal rescue centres regularly by dedicating a portion of their sales to the welfare of abandoned and vulnerable animals .

Join Priyankara on its journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future. Explore the collection online at and be part of the movement towards conscious living and fashion.

About Priyankara 

Established in 2024, Priyankara creates sustainable fashion through organic, handcrafted apparel. Committed to ethical sourcing and community engagement, Priyankara goes beyond fashion, aiming to make a tangible impact on people’s lives and the environment. Their entry into the UAE, starting with Dubai, highlights their dedication to advancing sustainability while aligning with the community’s values. Founded by Bhavika Thadani, an entrepreneur with 12 years of experience in education, Priyankara is driven by a deep-rooted commitment to conscious living. To know more, visit

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