LG helps you prepare for the Middle Eastern summers with its new lineup of LG Dual Inverter Residential Air Conditioners

LG Electronics, a global leading technology manufacturer, is gearing up to launch in the Middle East its new range of Dual Inverter Residential Air Conditioners. With the summers right around the corner, this new range of air conditioning solutions will bring more efficient, sustainable and environment friendly cooling to homes and offices.

With the summers in the Middle East usually reaching extreme temperatures, a capable and powerful air conditioning solution is a must-have for every household. However, these air conditioners will be used extensively during the day, which will also require them to be energy efficient. LG’s lineup of DUALCOOL Tropical Air Conditioners meets this balance, with air conditioning solutions that delivers powerful cooling, that is efficient enough to not hurt the electricity bill or the environment around it.

Alongside the powerful DUALCOOL series, LG also emphasizes aesthetic integration within home environments through its ARTCOOL model. This unit is distinctively designed to harmonize with the interior decor, featuring a minimalistic and sophisticated style. Its signature mirror glass finish not only enhances the interior by reflecting the surroundings but also maintains timeless elegance. Complemented by an intuitive display and a sleek, curved design, the ARTCOOL model marries form with function, ensuring that style and efficiency go hand in hand.

The new LG DUALCOOL series, available in capacities of 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3 tons come with LG’s Dual Inverter Compressor, that not only results in faster, longer and quieter cooling, but also delivers on its energy saving promises. This Dual Inverter compressor works even at 65 degrees, making it ideal for the coming summer months. This is done mainly by adjusting the compressor speed to maintain desired temperature levels, while also expelling air farther and faster. Additionally, the compressors power saving operation range frequency further contributes to energy savings when compared to other conventional compressors. This in turn results in 65% of energy saved, with 60% faster cooling.

Complementing the LG Dual Inverter Compressor is the unique skew fan found in the units itself, which contribute to the air conditioner’s capability to operate at low sound levels, thereby eliminating unnecessary noise and paving the way for smoother operations overall. Each of these units are quick and easy to install as well, with improvements to the tubing space, a reworked installation plate and more.

All models of LG DUALCOOL series are also LG ThinQ capable, allowing for smart connectivity over Wi-Fi. Through this feature, customers can control the unit from their smartphone, even with a voice assistant for easier voice commands.

This new lineup is now available on LG’s online and physical retail partners across the Middle East.

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