Bidgely Accelerates Growth with Former Tesla Renewable Energy Leader Tyler Moragne as Chief Strategy Officer

Moragne advances company’s authority on whole-home electrification, EV and renewable generation megatrends for utilities

The Bidgely team has expanded its position as a top climate tech solutions provider with the addition of former Tesla renewable energy leader Tyler Moragne as Chief Strategy Officer. In his new role, Moragne will play a pivotal role in accelerating company growth by shaping the company’s strategic roadmap to more holistically address grid stability during the electrification transition. This includes grid planning and load shifting associated with whole-home electrification, electric vehicle (EV) adoption and the rising role of customers in grid load balancing.

“The new energy paradigm hinges on advancing renewable generation, electrifying transportation and improving energy efficiency. Our job is helping utilities navigate this new era,” said Abhay Gupta, CEO of Bidgely. “Tyler’s wealth of experience in clean energy, combined with exceptional business acumen, will propel our company’s dynamic initiatives and long-term vision to new heights.”

As head of Tesla’s Residential Energy business, Moragne was responsible for scaling efforts and growth across both solar and battery product lines, including virtual power plants (VPPs). This strong leadership background will bring new levels of strategic expertise as Bidgely supports its global roster of utility partners, who are navigating the complex nexus between grid management and customer-influenced load swings.

“The world is undergoing an exciting and necessary energy transition. I am thrilled to join another mission-driven company advancing how millions of people worldwide manage their energy use,” said Tyler Moragne, Chief Strategy Officer at Bidgely. “Bidgely’s product-focused, high-tempo culture stems from its commitment to delivering true customer value with solutions built from scratch, and I am thankful for the opportunity to further enhance the team’s product capabilities, global reach and climate impact.”

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