Exante Data Completes Asset Acquisition of TrounceFlow to Enhance EM and Flow Coverage

We are excited to announce Exante Data, Inc. successfully completed its asset acquisition of TrounceFlow Ltd.

TrounceFlow is a company with many proprietary datasets in Emerging and Frontier Market spaces and a strong team with skills in data science and EM strategy. The successful acquisition of TrounceFlow heralds Exante Data’s first growth via M&A since its inception in 2016.

Exante Data serves the world’s most sophisticated investors using proprietary data analytics and human conceptual thinking.

Integration of TrounceFlow with our existing data platform and our world class global team of strategists deepens Exante Data’s product offering further in alignment with the business philosophy: To offer world-class data analytics, combined with a holistic approach to global risk management and alpha generation.

As part of the acquisition, Michael Trounce has joined our Exante Data team, based in Europe. Mike will continue his work to provide absolute best-in-class coverage of capital flows and positioning in Emerging and Frontier Markets, but now empowered by the Exante Data platform, while also supporting our global client service efforts.

The combined analytics will be made available to institutional investors globally, looking to take advantage of early signals from capital flow analysis, and beyond.

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