Seven Toshiba Gas Insulated Transformers Enter Operation in Makkah

-Bringing enhanced safety and reliable power supply to the Gulf States-

Toshiba Energy Systems and Solutions Corporation (“Toshiba”) has installed and activated seven gas insulated transformers (GIT) in the Haram 2 and Haram 3 substations serving Makkah, Saudi Arabia, significantly contributing to a safer, more reliable power supply. The project was commissioned by Saudi Electricity Company as a major upgrade to crucial urban infrastructure relied on by millions of people and involved replacing oil-insulated transformers with seven GITs for 110 kV-class substations.

Makkah is a city that hosts millions of pilgrims every year. Serving this large population requires safe, reliable infrastructure that delivers uninterrupted power supply year-round. Saudi Electricity Company met this imperative by deciding to install GIT, which are characterized by their high-level safety: non-flammable and explosion-proof, both major concerns for substations in an urban center. In 2020, Toshiba GIT were selected for the project, based on the company’s proven technical expertise and product reliability.

Toshiba has a strong track record of GIT sales around the world—in Japan and East Asia, North America, and Europe—but this marks the first order for the Gulf States. The company’s focus on product safety and reliability significantly enhances substation safety and performance that will make a difference in Makkah for many years to come, and contributes to the well-being of the people of Makkah and its many pilgrims.

Toshiba is committed to expanding its robust presence in the global GIT market, including East Asia, North America, Europe, and the Middle East.


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