High demand brings European Union Bee Honey to UAE!

An exclusive tasting campaign has been announced by the EU BEE Honey which will take place on Wednesday 8th December at 7.30pm in AIRWERKS Café, Dubai.

Consumers will have the opportunity to savor the delicious European bee honey through the dishes which will be prepared by the renowned chef using the superior quality European bee honey being produced with the highest European food safety and quality standards. In the event the participants will be able to get to know their particular inherent characteristics of the European bee honey (flavor, aroma, texture) and their high quality and nutritional value.

The European financed campaign “EU Bee Honey” aims to promote the high-quality European Bee Honey, being produced with the highest quality and food safety standards and reach as many consumers as possible to increase the product awareness and offer them the opportunity to savor the European bee honey exceptional taste.

Europe is the most important producer of honey since beekeeping was one of the oldest   forms of animal husbandry. This European financed campaign is represented by 2 corporates Bulgarian Organic Foods LTD (BOF) Bulgaria as a coordinator and Beekeeping Cooperative of Th asos in Greece as a Project Partner.

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