The Coretec Group Releases August 2022 Shareholder Call Transcript

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — The Coretec Group (OTCQB: CRTG), developers of silicon anode active materials for lithium-ion batteries and cyclohexasilane (CHS) for EV, cleantech, and emerging tech applications, today released the transcript from its August 17, 2022 shareholder call. The full call transcript can be found on the Company’s Investor Relations Website.

On the call, CEO Matt Kappers, and other prominent Coretec leaders, detailed the latest updates to the Company’s Endurion battery program, which was the primary focus of the call. Endurion is the development of a silicon anode for lithium-ion batteries, which will increase energy density, extend cycle life and improve charging time. These improvements are highly sought after by EV companies as well as other applications, and are expected to be even more in demand following the recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

The call also outlined a preliminary report from the French Alternative Energy and Atomic Commission (CEA) on the status of its research partnership to test its CHS technology’s potential to create silicon anodes and provided an update on the Company’s C-Space research project with partner The University of Adelaide.

The call concluded with Matt Kappers urging all who were interested in receiving the latest Coretec updates to sign up for Company notifications on the Investor Relations Website and to follow the Company’s social media channels.

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