Shrinivas Chebbi shines a light on how value engineering is at the core of Himel’s operations

Himel’s global head emphasises the importance of value engineering and how Himel excels in combining affordability and reliability across its product portfolio 

A global market leader with 60+ years of legacy in value-engineered electrical products, Himel has been creating an immense impact on emerging economies worldwide. Unlike other players, Himel leverages its ecosystem to grow by partnering with numerous channel partners. 

Envisioning safe electricity for everyone, Himel has been focused on building smart products that enable doing more with less, reducing daily life complexities. Focused on providing affordability and reliability with their entire product portfolio, Himel is converting existing homes into smart homes and enabling customers worldwide to transition into smartness. 

Himel’s Global Head, Shrinivas Chebbi, said: “We have strong chromosomes of value engineering in our DNA. Value engineering is the art and science of building a product to precisely meet the demands so that there is no compromise on the non-negotiable. After that, we question everything else regarding the value it creates, for the cost spent. Himel doesn’t make products that can be used for multiple applications. Rather, we value engineer for the application we are creating it for and build it very well.”

Found in Spain in 1958, Himel aims to provide the best investment value while maintaining quality. A people-oriented brand, Himel assesses their needs and seeks to establish a world where electricity is safe and accessible to all. Keeping differentiation at the very core of its brand strategy, Himel’s four cornerstones for its approach to the market include accessibility, availability, reliability and affordability.

With a robust channel network in the UAE, Himel recently launched their new wiring devices series in Dubai. Focusing on expansion, Himel has recently commenced operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and aims to scale quickly.

About Himel International 

Himel International is a global manufacturer and supplier of electrical products for Low Voltage Power Distribution, Final Distribution, Power Management, Motor Control and Protection, Industrial Components, and Home Electric offers. Backed with a legacy of 60+ years and a footprint in 50+ countries, it is a market leader in value-engineered electrical products for residential, commercial, industrial, and utility sectors. Himel values opportunities for all and provides the best combination of affordable and reliable offers to meet the demand for access to safe electricity.

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