American Specialty Foods Co. launches new catalogue with over 650 products at 10th Anniversary celebration in Dubai


 Hany M Haneef, Founder and CEO of American Specialty Foods Co., unveils new product catalogue with over 650 products during 10th Anniversary celebration

Dubai, 8 March, 2023: American Specialty Foods Co., a leading provider of premium global food solutions, celebrated its 10th anniversary in Dubai. Serving the taste of American flavors to over 50 countries with 20 product categories, American Specialty seeks to redefine American food in households worldwide. Hany M Haneef, the founder and CEO, who hails from Mangalore, India, unveiled a brand-new catalogue boasting over 650 products to everyone’s delight. 

Thanking all the strategic partners for their unmoving support, Hany said: “When I founded American Specialty, it was a dream which I aimed to accomplish through passion. Despite the struggles we faced and the challenges we accomplished, it is the undying support of everyone who has enabled American Specialty to reach heights which we never envisioned.”

The guests of honor present were Ms. Valerie Brown, Regional Agricultural Counselor at USDA along with other chief guests Mr. Miroslav Hosek, CEO – Advanced Food Products LLC, USA and Savencia Global Foodservice Systems Solutions Program & Mr. Javier, International Sales Manager EMEA, San Marcos.

American Specialty Foods Co. is the epitome of a company that “gets it”!  They are deliberate, diligent and dynamic in promoting the best that the US has to offer, and I am delighted to celebrate them.” were Valerie’s words at the event.

Also commented Miro “I have known Hany for 5 years now, but it feels like I have known him for a minimum of 10 years. So intense a personal & business relationship it is indeed.”

Incorporated in the USA 10 years ago, with corporate office in Maryland, and marketing office in New York, American Specialty Foods Company includes a wide variety of products across 20 categories, including mayonnaise, cheese sauce, dressings, tortilla, snacks, salsa, toppings & syrups, deserts, olives, canned – jalapeno, pickles, fruits, beans, tomatoes, tuna, sausages and more. 

“These are exciting times for everyone at American Specialty. We pride ourselves on being a future-focused, innovation-led company. However, what matters the most is providing our consumer, i.e., the food aficionado, with American taste which brings them happiness and helps create memorable experiences.” Hany added. 

American Specialty Foods Co. has increased its global footprint, with regional offices in Dubai, London and Mexico. Seeking to redefine American food, American Specialty differentiates itself by providing delicious, fresh, packaged foods with nutrients. The company is now venturing into B2C segment to reach an increased number of households and bring the goodness of American taste to all. 

The company supplies its products to supermarkets, airlines, lounges, catering, hotels, restaurants, Cafes, QSR chains and others. It is further looking to expand its presence and increase its global footprint with additional regional office in Turkey and The Netherlands. To know more, visit

About American Specialty Foods Co.
American Specialty Foods Co. established its presence in 2013, with a corporate office in Maryland, along with a marketing office in New York, USA. Today it is present in over 50 countries worldwide, providing premium global food solutions. It has regional offices in Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

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