Renowned Indian Artist Explores Sustainable Art Influences in the UAE

Anuradha transitions to Sustainable Art as a Catalyst for Change on World Environment Day.

Dubai, 7th June 2023: On World Environment Day, Anuradha, a highly acclaimed Indian artist from Jammu & Kasmir, has made a groundbreaking decision to transition her artistic style to watercolours, drawing inspiration from the flourishing sustainable art movement in the UAE. This transformative exploration is expected to bring a fresh and impactful perspective to Anuradha’s artistic repertoire, aligning with the sustainable development goals of the UAE.

The UAE, known for its unwavering commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable practices under the overarching Year of Sustainability, has emerged as a global hub for sustainable art. On this World Environment Day, Anuradha’s visit to the UAE presents a remarkable opportunity to merge the realms of art and sustainability. By embracing watercolours, Anuradha aims to incorporate the principles of sustainability and eco-consciousness into her art, resonating with the sustainable development goals of the UAE.

Expressing enthusiasm about this transformative journey, Anuradha shares, “The UAE’s dedication to sustainable art has deeply inspired me, and I am thrilled to explore the endless possibilities that watercolours hold. Through my art, I aspire to shed light on environmental issues, provoke meaningful conversations, and encourage viewers to take action towards a sustainable future.”

Anuradha’s artistic journey in the UAE symbolises an exciting phase in her career. Renowned for her exceptional mastery of oil paintings, her decision to explore watercolours signifies a creative evolution that promises to captivate art enthusiasts worldwide. Through this medium, Anuradha seeks to create art that evokes emotion, raises environmental awareness, and fosters positive change.

Anuradha’s visit to the UAE is supported by IWS Arabia, a leading organisation promoting artistic endeavours and cultural exchange. During her stay, she will actively engage in innovative dialogues, participate in workshops, and collaborate with fellow artists, profoundly immersing herself in the vibrant art community that thrives in the UAE. In addition, the UAE’s commitment to sustainable development goals and environmental stewardship will serve as a guiding force, influencing Anuradha’s artistic process and reflecting in her captivating watercolour compositions.

Anuradha’s visit to the UAE on World Environment Day not only signifies the convergence of artistic talent but also reinforces the shared commitment of India and the UAE towards fostering cultural exchange, sustainable practices, and achieving sustainable development goals. Furthermore, this collaboration serves as a testament to the power of art in transcending borders and connecting diverse communities through a common language of creativity and environmental consciousness.

Anuradha’s transition from oil paintings to watercolours is poised to leave an indelible mark on the art world, offering a fresh perspective and an exploration of sustainability. Art enthusiasts and collectors eagerly await the unveiling of Anuradha’s inaugural series of watercolour creations, inspired by her immersive experiences in the UAE and aligned with the nation’s sustainable development goals. All her works will be unveiled during the solo exhibition on June 20th, 2023, at 6 p.m. at the Dubai International Art Centre, Jumeirah.

About Anuradha 

Anuradha is a renowned Indian artist known for her captivating artwork that reflects the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan, the nomadic beauty of the Himalayas, and religious symbolism. With a passion for painting that spanned her entire life, Anuradha’s artistic journey has evolved from childhood sketches to mesmerising acrylic and oil creations that resonate with art enthusiasts worldwide. Beyond her artistic pursuits, Anuradha actively engages in charitable initiatives, supporting children, empowering girls through art, and imparting knowledge as an art teacher. Her artwork is a testament to the transformative power of creativity and the ability to inspire positive change. For more information, visit


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