Talmix and Khibraty Join Forces to Revolutionize On-Demand Business Talent in the MENA Region

LONDON, England & AMMAN, Jordan — Talmix, the global business talent marketplace, and Khibraty, the leading MENA digital matchmaking marketplace for expertise, today announced a strategic partnership to provide businesses in the MENA region with an unparalleled approach and experience for accessing business and consulting talent. This partnership reflects the increasing demand for specialized expertise and skills in the region and the rapid adoption of on-demand models to build an extended workforce.

This partnership between Talmix and Khibraty combines expertise, networks, and innovative platform technologies to offer clients a comprehensive and streamlined solution, maximising the deep regional knowledge of Khibraty and the talent network from Talmix. Clients will now have access to a wider talent pool and benefit from a simplified and efficient process for engaging the right talent to address their specific business needs.

“We are thrilled to embark on this strategic partnership with Khibraty,” said Sandeep Dhillon, CEO of Talmix. “The MENA region is experiencing a tremendous surge in demand for specialized expertise, and our collaboration combines Talmix’s global network of exceptional business professionals with Khibraty’s deep knowledge and presence. We see this as a way to revolutionize how businesses access on-demand talent and drive growth in this rapidly evolving market.”

Khibraty has gained significant recognition as a digital marketplace in the MENA region and its strong understanding of local dynamics make it an ideal partner for Talmix to build on its presence in the region.

Caroline Ayoub, COO of Khibraty, expressed her excitement saying, “This partnership is a game-changer for businesses in the MENA region. By joining forces with Talmix, we are establishing the talent solution that meets the region’s specific needs and its desire to maximise upskilling in local talent. Our shared vision to drive use of the extended workforce will enable us to deliver transformative solutions to clients and propel the MENA business ecosystem forward.”

Talmix and Khibraty are both members of the Freelancer First Study Group, a group of 15 platform CEOs established by industry thought leaders Jon Younger and Matt Mottola, with a shared philosophy to provide greater financial, professional, and personal success for the millions of independent professionals who make the freelance revolution possible.

Sandeep Dhillon continued “This group has provided a clear direction to support and develop independent talent and it has been an honour to participate, and the establishment of this partnership shows that collaboration is a vital component in driving this success.”

Together, Talmix and Khibraty are ushering in a new era of on-demand business talent in the MENA region, empowering businesses to access world-class expertise and drive sustainable growth.

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