Peru implements Sustainable Culture strategy in the export sector

LIMA, Peru — Peru, home to a wide variety of unique ecosystems and species, is continuing along the path to sustainability. It is committing to sharing with the world products that reflect its biodiversity and that help to improve the quality of life of those involved in its production chains.

That is PROMPERÚ’s vision of the Sustainable Culture strategy, an initiative that seeks to promote and disseminate sustainable practices in the Peruvian export sector. PROMPERÚ is the South American country’s export promotion agency. The aim is to offer, worldwide, an increasingly diversified, competitive, and sustainable range of products, backed by the commitment of Peruvian companies to adopting practices that are responsible and respectful towards the environment and local communities.

By actively collaborating with the public and private sectors, academia and other actors in the foreign trade sector, the aim is to align all Peruvian value chains with the initiative. Through a constant process of development, firms are encouraged to take concrete actions to address global sustainability challenges.

Through the Sustainable Culture strategy, Peru is joining global actions to achieve the sustainable development goals in the foreign trade sector by implementing programs in exporting companies to evolve their business models and achieve a triple impact: economic, social, and environmental.

PROMPERÚ has also developed certification standards, such as the Fair-Trade Peru Good Practices, Eco-Efficiency Peru Good Practices, and Biocommerce; these make its export offer stand out to international markets. This work has had a positive impact on the significant value chains of coffee, cocoa, alpaca garments, products using native biodiversity, manufactured products, and others.

In addition, the Sustainable Culture strategy seeks to respond to global consumption challenges, such as deforestation-free products, supply chains with due diligence, new circular business models, and other challenges for Peru’s exports.

In this way, PROMPERÚ is positioning Peru on the world stage by promoting its export products with added value, contributing to the country’s sustainable and decentralized development.

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