NKN Media Sets the Stage for a Trio of Spectacular Events and Landmark Expansions

CEO Abdul Majid Khan underscores the company’s global vision and strategic expansion, unveiling a future marked by groundbreaking awards, real estate leadership recognition, and a pioneering startup funding reality show

23 August 2023, Dubai, UAE – NKN Media, a prominent 360-degree communications company, is all set to captivate the UAE’s media landscape with various impactful events and strategic expansions. These initiatives reaffirm NKN Media’s commitment to delivering exceptional media experiences that resonate with diverse audiences.

NKN Media, in partnership with India Today, proudly presents the Icons of the UAE Awards. This distinguished award ceremony, slated for September 27th at the prestigious Taj Exotica, The Palm, Dubai, celebrates the achievements of 14 exceptional entrepreneurs in the UAE. Backed by India Today’s Aaj Tak channel, this event promises to inspire through compelling 30-minute episodes.

Abdul Majid Khan, CEO & Managing Director of NKN Media, highlighted the agency’s ambitious expansion and establishment of new offices. “Our growth journey continues with the establishment of our new office in Media City Dubai, a testament to our dedication to serving our clients on a global scale. As we extend our footprint to Singapore and gear up to set up operations in New Jersey, we are poised to bring NKN Media’s unique blend of media services to diverse corners of the world. This strategic expansion aligns with our vision of creating impactful media experiences that transcend boundaries and resonate with audiences worldwide.”

Continuing its commitment to honoring excellence, NKN Media is launching the Best CEO in Real Estate Awards. This event recognizes visionary real estate tycoons who have reshaped the UAE’s real estate landscape and their exceptional contributions. This will be celebrated in a grand gathering that underscores their remarkable achievements.

In an audacious leap forward, NKN Media introduces a pioneering concept to the UAE: the region’s first startup funding reality show. Scheduled to air in December, this innovative platform holds the potential to set the entrepreneurial ecosystem ablaze. Aspiring startups will have the unprecedented opportunity to showcase their ingenuity, passion, and ideas to a wide audience, potentially securing the investments that can drive their dreams to fruition.

As NKN Media extends its footprint into dynamic markets like Singapore and New Jersey, the company’s unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional media solutions stands resolute. These strategic expansions exemplify NKN Media’s commitment to not only staying at the cutting edge of innovation but also nurturing a vibrant and thriving media landscape in every market they touch.

About NKN Media

NKN Media is a well-established 360-degree communications company that has been catering to clients’ needs since its inception in 1999. With a widespread presence in multiple countries, including India, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, The Kingdom of Bahrain and Sri Lanka. NKN Media is a prominent player in the media industry. The agency offers an extensive range of media services that encompass television, print, travel media, digital, radio, cinema and OOH. NKN Media takes pride in its exclusive partnerships with highly reputed media entities such as Republic TV, India TV, NDTV 24×7, AAJ Tak, India Today, Times Now And Zoom TV. Driven by its vision to become a leading global media outsourcing company, NKN Media focuses on delivering exceptional value to its clients and partners while simultaneously creating opportunities for organizational growth. With a mission to continuously evolve and expand its services, NKN Media remains committed to providing top-notch media solutions to its customers.

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