Jaco, Saudi Arabia’s First Social Network: One Million Users in 2 Months, Aiming for 5 Million at End of the Year

In his first appearance on the business stage of Saudi Arabia’s first social network, “Jaco”, Saudi entrepreneur Fahd Al-Shidi, the supervisor of the project, announced a special challenge the team is undertaking to reach five million users soon.

He added that Jaco’s attraction of more than one million users in the coming two months from other networks, including well-known names, proves that they share our ambitions to present the world with a leading Arab social networking platform capable of challenging and competing.

At the official launch ceremony of the Jaco application in Riyadh, attended by influencers and VIP guests, Al-Shidi expressed his happiness with the success Jaco has achieved so far, announcing that the network has acquired one million new users in just two months. He expressed his confidence that Jaco will reach five million users by the end of the year.

He added that launching a new network like Jaco is a difficult challenge, but its acquisition of one million users in a few weeks indicates that it could change the rules of the game. The question remains: Will Jaco enter the club of major social networks soon? We hope so.

The announcement received widespread attention yesterday, as the hashtags #Jaco_Million_User and #Jaco_Million_Subscriber dominated various social media platforms, including Twitter, on Thursday. This generated significant engagement from renowned Saudi, Gulf, and Arab social media influencers.

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