ICCPP ODM+ Won Two Muse Design Gold Awards, Keeping Leading the Creative Design Trend

SHENZHEN, China — Recently, the winners of MUSE Design Awards 2023, known as the Oscar Awards of the design, were announced, and ICCPP ODM+’s Cyclo eco-friendly e-cigarette and SPEEX X1, one of SPEEX dual-coils and screen display series display products, stood out and won Gold Awards of Muse Design from nearly 40,000 works worldwide, thanks to their advanced globalization vision, innovative user-centered design, and sustainable concepts of caring for both human beings and nature.

MUSE Design Awards was founded in 2015 by International Awards Associates (IAA), a long-established U.S.-based international design awards association, and is one of the most influential international awards in the field of global creative design. The awards have always been known for their rigorous judging system and high quality standards, aiming to cultivate, promote and recognize excellence in the global design field, and promote the development of the global design industry to a higher level.

ICCPP ODM+ won the two design gold awards in one go in its first competition, which was not only a confirmation of its global leadership in future-oriented innovative product design, concepts and inspirations, but also a recognition of the strength of ICCPP Group’s user-centered approach to deepening innovation and empowering the development of the e-atomization industry, and even set a new benchmark for global brands in e-cigarette product design.

It is understood that one of the Gold Award winners, SPEEX X1 is an independent innovative flagship product of the SPEEX heating technology series with high-capacity, dual coil and screen display from ICCPP ODM+, listed in August. It is a unique combination of dual-coil design with dual output working models and SPEEX rocket-like heating technology, and plus the small, rounded, extremely compact and aesthetic design, superimposed on the 0.73-inch oversized e-liquid and power remain screen display, SPEEX X1 achieves a perfect balance among the flavor, vapor, aesthetics and user thinking.

Cyclo, the other winner of Muse Design Gold Awards, is a new 2ml product launched by ICCPP ODM+ at VAPER EXPO UK2023 in May. Considering global trend of low carbon and environmentally friendly concept, coupled with the deep concerns of global users about increasingly serious environmental problems caused by the prevalence of disposable e-cigarettes, as well as the enforce reality of Europe’s new Battery Law and some environmental protection acts, ICCPP ODM+ innovatively developed Cyclo, the world’s first double environmentally-friendly concept disposable e-cigarettes solution. Through its innovative application of PLA degradable materials, coupled with lead-free and solder-free inner structures, and modularized and fully automated design, as well as the aesthetics of simple, rounded and hand-held shape, and the creative integration of the concepts of user detachable and biodegradable, Cyclo is ahead of the industry to achieve the balance of portability, artistry and recyclability for the users in advance.

While these two award-winning products are just a small microcosm of ICCPP ODM+’s human-centered, and user-first design philosophy. At ICCPP, we believe that design is not just about aesthetics, but should also keep upgrading user experience, meeting user needs and creating a more meaningful connection between people, society and nature. In the future, ICCPP ODM+ will continue to be committed to continuous innovation, to lead the design trend, to create more and more exciting and premium e-cigarette product solutions, and to bring a healthier and happier e-atomized life to vaping enthusiasts around the world.

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