Nitya Capital Exits Three Assets in Texas Delivering Strong Returns

HOUSTON — Nitya Capital, the international real estate investment firm headquartered in Houston, has recently concluded the sale of three multifamily properties in both the Austin and Houston regions. These transactions contribute to Nitya’s growing record of 77 property exits valued in excess of $2.5bn since its establishment in July 2013, solidifying its standing in the real estate investment sector.

“Our 3-asset portfolio has delivered an impressive 1.5x equity multiple return to our investors. These exits are truly reflective of our value proposition in this space of creating value at the asset level through physical upgrades and operational efficiencies,” stated Swapnil Agarwal, CEO and Founder of Nitya Capital. “Despite the challenging capital market environment, characterized by a nationwide slowdown in acquisition and disposition activities, our dedicated team has adeptly managed high interest rates and inflation to achieve these remarkable returns, ensuring vital liquidity for our valued investors. With these recent exits, we maintain an impeccable record of 77-0, boasting an average IRR of over 25% across these 77 sales.”

The strategic property acquisitions by Nitya Capital in 2018 paved the way for an ownership transition in September 2023, when Disrupt Equity assumed control of the following three properties:

Treehouse Apartments located in Austin, Texas has 297 units.
Waterstone Place located in Fort Bend, Houston, has 168 units.
Stonecreek Apartments, located in Harris County, Houston, has 208 units.

Over the years, Nitya Capital diligently improved these properties through various enhancements, including interior and exterior upgrades, pool renovations, kitchen modernization, and the introduction of community amenities.

Nitya owns and manages a robust portfolio of 54 assets that include multifamily, student housing, and commercial properties. As we diligently enhance their value, we’ll remain vigilant in assessing market conditions for well-timed strategic decisions. Our outlook for 2024 anticipates the pursuit of highly profitable opportunities.

Nitya marked a decade of growth, innovation, and success earlier this year. Looking ahead, the company remains committed to its vision of sustained triumph, aiming to continue its legacy of excellence well into the next decade. Nitya Capital’s ability to adapt and thrive in ever-evolving real estate markets is a testament to its enduring strength and unwavering dedication to its investors.

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