HONOR Collaborates with renowned calligraphy artist Mattar Bin Lahej in Celebration of HONOR Magic V2 Launch

HONOR Collaborates with renowned calligraphy artist Mattar Bin Lahej in Celebration of HONOR Magic V2 Launch

The global technology brand HONOR teamed up with the well-known Emirati artist Mattar Bin Lahej, a painter, photographer, and sculptor based in Dubai on the occasion of HONOR Magic V2 launch in the UAE. Mattar Bin Lahej is a self-taught Emirati Artist, photographer, sculptor, and a designer from Dubai. His distinctive style and creative use of Arabic calligraphy force his art to stand out. Dubbed as the “Man of Steel”, he is one of the most distinguished Emirati artists of our time. Apart from his sculptures that decorate various spots across the UAE and the different parts of overseas countries.

Together, they have curated an artistic Arabic calligraphy design inspired from the futuristic & sleek design HONOR Magic V2. Through this masterpiece, Mattar seamlessly blends classical and futuristic elements. Classical details are captured in the Thuluth script, while the future is represented in the unique “Mattar” font. For the first time, the artist has mixed two different styles of writing: the modern Mattar font and the Thulth calligraphy. This combination is a new and special way of creating art, showing the artist’s creativity in putting these two different writing styles together for a unique and beautiful result.

The combination is reflected in a distinct futuristic shadow, especially resonating in the United Arab Emirates. The symbol of progress is illustrated in the journey to the moon, where the rocket launch serves as the driving force, power, and primary engine propelling us into the future, using new tools. The design features an inspiring quote by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum ” The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and execute it.”

The HONOR Magic V2 represents the next era of smartphones, showcasing groundbreaking features and technologies such as its sleek 9.9mm ultra-slim design, the powerful 5000mAh HONOR Silicon-Carbon Dual Battery, a robust HONOR Super-light Titanium Hinge capable of enduring 400,000 folds, along with an array of intelligent features for multitasking. Additionally, it boasts a spacious display enhanced by HONOR’s cutting-edge 3840Hz PWM Dimming technology.

Starting from 2nd February 2024, the HONOR Magic V2 will be available for pre-order in UAE at an exciting offer and free gifts.


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