Xiaomi Launches HyperOS for Unified Connectivity

A Human-Centric Operating System Seamlessly Integrating Devices, Cars, and Smart Homes.

Xiaomi unveils Xiaomi HyperOS, the powerhouse behind its smart ecosystem, promising a revolutionary user experience. Pre-installed on the upcoming Xiaomi 14 Series, Xiaomi Watch S3, Xiaomi TV S Pro 85″ MiniLED, and other devices in domestic markets.

Comprehensive Refactoring: Enhance individual device performance.

Xiaomi’s growth from 100 to 1.175 billion users in 13 years led to a diverse product catalog across 200 categories. To address IoT complexities, Xiaomi developed HyperOS since 2017, unifying all ecosystem devices into a single framework for optimal performance, consistent user experience, and seamless connectivity across Xiaomi devices.

Driven by Linux and the proprietary Xiaomi Vela system, Xiaomi HyperOS excels in compatibility and resource management. Supporting 200+ processor platforms and 20 file systems, it accommodates diverse devices with flexible configuration options. Handling RAM sizes from 64KB to 24GB ensures efficient resource use. HyperOS is lightweight, occupying only 8.75GB in smartphone firmware, a notable efficiency advance compared to competitors.

Xiaomi HyperOS excels in hardware and task management, optimizing performance with dynamic adjustments. In resource-intensive games, it provides stable frame rates and lower power consumption than Android on smartphones. Task splitting on lightweight devices maximizes hardware performance. The OS has undergone extensive restructuring, optimizing file system, memory management, imaging subsystem, and network system for efficient use of varying hardware, ensuring peak performance.

Cross-Device Intelligent Connectivity: Enable seamless cross-end device connections.

Xiaomi HyperOS transforms traditional system architectures, introducing the innovative HyperConnect framework for real-time networking across devices. The integrated device center empowers users to effortlessly monitor and manage their entire connected array from any location, ushering in a new era of convenience and efficiency within the Xiaomi ecosystem.

Xiaomi HyperOS effortlessly unifies connected devices, enabling seamless camera switching, accessing car cameras from your phone, using your smartphone’s rear camera on a tablet or laptop, and connecting your tablet to the internet through your smartphone. Apps, clipboard content, and notifications move seamlessly between devices based on user needs.

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