Emdoor DIGI Exhibits at Computex Taipei, Attracts Attention with Cutting-Edge Technology Products

From June 4th to 7th, Computex 2024 Taipei was officially held. Emdoor Digital brings a new series of AI PC products and a self-developed AIGC (Generative AI) software assistant to make a wonderful appearance.

Emdoor Digital presented AI PCs at the show, including the 326, 336, and 829 series. The 326 and 336 series accommodate various CPUs for diverse platform needs, while the 829 series boasts a powerful GPU and up to 45W performance for stable computing. All feature a hybrid CPU, GPU, and NPU architecture, tackling complex tasks and delivering a personalized, intelligent experience.

At the Computex exhibition, Emdoor DIGI’s self-developed AIGC (Generative AI) software assistant became the centre of attention. The well-designed booth and five AI zones, AI for businesses, AI for Education, AI for Home, AI for Gaming, and AI for Office demonstrate the powerful functions and unlimited possibilities of its AI PC and AIGC (Generative AI) software assistant in different application scenarios.

In business, AI PCs facilitate schedule management and information retrieval via natural language processing, while Office AI handles tasks from data processing to email replies, learning user habits for personalized support. These functions, based on local AI, enhance privacy and reduce workload.

In the field of gaming, Emdoor DIGI also uses AI RAG technology, allowing players to ask questions to the collected or organized game strategies, quickly learn and master the essence of the strategies. At the same time, this technology can also answer players’ various questions about strategies, greatly reducing players’ learning costs. For more application scenarios and features, please visit the official website of Emdoor Digital.

Emdoor Digital’s independently developed AIGC solution integrates cutting-edge technologies like the Big Language Model, offering a customizable AI experience. It utilizes local computing power, works offline, optimizes AI interaction, and prioritizes user privacy and data security. This efficient, convenient, and secure AI solution hints at the vast potential of AI technology in multiple fields.

In the future, Emdoor Digital will keep up with the pace of the times, continue to plough into the AI field, and commit to bringing more innovative and practical products to users!

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