Eastern Region Group Expands to Support Businesses and High-Net Worth Individuals Worldwide

Eastern Region Group (ERG), a leading boutique business consultancy based in the UAE specializing in a range of tailored services, has announced its strategic expansion to support entrepreneurs, businesses, and high net-worth individuals (HNWIs) globally.

ERG offers a comprehensive suite of consultancy services, from company advisory and company management to individual support encompassing migration, power of attorney, labour issues, and concierge services. As well as this, it facilitates intermediary services such as wealth management, real estate brokerage, international trade, accounting and audit.

In addition to its traditional consultancy services and with the rise of digital assets, ERG offers cutting-edge financial solutions, from wealth management to cryptocurrency strategies. As businesses and HNWI’s seek to capitalize on emerging opportunities, ERG remains at the forefront, ensuring that clients have access to the latest insights and opportunities in the financial landscape.

Eastern Region Group is dedicated to contributing to the success of the UAE by aligning with visionary initiatives that drive economic growth, innovation, and sustainable development. As the UAE continues to pioneer initiatives, ERG remains committed to supporting these initiatives through its strategic consultancy services. By empowering businesses and HNWI’s to thrive in the UAE’s dynamic business ecosystem, ERG will be steadfast in helping to drive the UAE vision for future growth, stability and success.

We remain committed to the success of the UAE and its thriving business community,” said Tatjana Andreeva, Managing Partner at Eastern Region Group. “As we expand our global footprint, we are proud to continue contributing to the UAE’s success story and supporting its vision for a dynamic and prosperous future whilst also supporting clients globally.

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