UWELL CALIBURN G3 Lite: CALIBURN for Everyone, Great to Switch

Following the successful releases of numerous UWELL CALIBURN G series pod vapes, we take pride in introducing the latest addition to this family – UWELL CALIBURN G3 Lite Pod System. There’s no other vape pod like UWELL CALIBURN G3 Lite, with everybody getting great flavor in every puff, easy-peasy and breezy-free.

It’s great to switch colors to meet your mind and style. There are eight vibrant colors in total for everybody to choose from: Space Black, Basalt Gray, Chili Red, Pearl White, Pastel Pink, Ice Blue, Pale Purple and Mint Green. Come and pick your favorite vape pod.

UWELL has launched the GPP (G Pod Platform) to offer unparalleled compatibility among the UWELL CALIBURN G series pod vapes (G3, G3 Lite, GK3, GK3 Tenet, G3 ECO) and UWELL CALIBURN G3 cartridges. This diverse range of pod vapes is designed to be fully compatible with each other, catering to users with greater flexibility and more open pod vapes. GPP inspires you to switch from RDL freebase to MTL nic salts. Paired with all UWELL CALIBURN G3 cartridges (0.6 Ω/0.9 Ω/1.2 Ω), you are free to choose your preferred vaping style. Whether you prefer mild or wild vape pod is entirely up to you. Both top-refill and side-refill cartridge options are available. However, there’s more than that. Keep an eye out for a stronger RDL experience with our arriving 0.4 Ω cartridges.

Also, a UWELL CALIBURN G3 pre-filled cartridge within GPP offers ten flavorful options. Discover UWELL CALIBURN Flavor 3.0 with our latest addition – UWELL CALIBURN G3 Lite Pod System. Matched with these cartridges, it enhances the flavor, allowing users to experience the fullest expression of flavor, aroma, intensity, and layers in every breath.

There is a 20% increment in battery capacity compared with other common pod vapes in the market. Powered by a 1200 mAh battery, this vape pod promises a longer-lasting vape and eliminates anxiety about frequent charging. The battery level indication ensures you can vape with peace of mind, not worrying about unexpectedly running out of battery during use. Furthermore, the 360° view window makes it easy for users to see how much e-liquid capacity is at a glance instead of removing the cartridge from the device.

With unrivaled affordability and exceptional flavor quality, UWELL CALIBURN G3 LITE is the ultimate cost-effective choice for beginners seeking superior performance without breaking the bank. Speaking of leak-free and mess-free experience, UWELL CALIBURN G3 LITE is a cut above the rest thanks to the U² Anti-leak Mechanism. Just take a draw and get rid of those annoying hassles.

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