Elevate Your Chef Game and Transform Your Kitchen with LG’s Award-Winning Next-Gen Instaview Oven

LG’s 76-litre InstaView Oven with Steam & Sous-Vide wins its category in Product of the Year awards for 2024 in the Gulf Region

LG Electronics (LG), a global leader in home appliances and technology, is here to help elevate your chef skills and transform your kitchen into a seamlessly stylish space in one fell swoop, with the 76-liter LG InstaView Oven with Steam & Sous-Vide, fresh off the back of winning Product of the Year in ovens for 2024 in the Gulf region.

The LG InstaView Oven, a standout in LG’s premium line-up, combines advanced technology with user-friendly features to elevate the culinary experience. The InstaView technology allows you to see inside the oven without opening the door – simply knock twice on the glass, and it turns from opaque to clear; a feature that ensures heat is not lost, maintaining consistent cooking results.

The oven also boasts LG ThinQ™ technology, enabling users to control and monitor the cooking process from their smartphones. From preheating to setting timers and diagnosing issues based on usage patterns, LG ThinQ™ turns your phone into a personal cooking assistant, making meal preparation effortless.

With a capacity of 76 liters, the LG InstaView Oven offers a range of cooking modes to suit various culinary needs. ProBake Convection® ensures precise and even heating on every rack, thanks to a heating element positioned at the back of the oven, perfect for roasting and baking. The Air Sous-Vide feature uses low oven heat and airflow for optimal results, eliminating the need for water circulation while ensuring consistent and controlled heat treatment for your food.

For those who love crispy foods without the guilt, the Air Fry Mode delivers the deliciousness of deep frying with minimal oil. Pizza Mode allows you to create perfect pizzas with crispier crusts and flavorful toppings, whether they are homemade or frozen, with temperatures reaching up to 300℃.

Maintaining the oven’s pristine interior is made simple with LG’s EasyClean™ technology, which uses a chemical-free process for cleaning, eliminating harsh chemicals and fumes. Additionally, the oven is energy-efficient, boasting an A+ energy grade, and features LG’s Smart Diagnosis for enhanced performance and reliability.

LG’s commitment to providing premium, versatile, and elegant kitchen appliances is evident in every aspect of the InstaView Oven. Recognized as the Product of the Year for 2024 in the oven category for the Gulf region, this appliance combines intuitive controls, advanced features, and a sleek design to transform your cooking experience.

Whether you are preparing a festive meal or a quick weeknight dinner, LG’s InstaView Oven with Steam & Sous-Vide is designed to help you cook like a professional chef. Its innovative features, combined with the convenience of LG ThinQ™, make it an essential addition to any modern kitchen.
Celebrate your new-found culinary craftiness with LG’s award-winning oven, and elevate your family’s food adventures to new heights.

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