DAIS Academy by Auxein Medical enables surgeons to try implants in cadaver workshops and dry labs before real-time surgeries

DAIS Academy conducts a series of cadaver workshops, dry labs, webinars, surgeon on surgeon meets, and much more to strengthen the medical field and provide more innovative solutions to 70+ countries worldwide 

Auxein Medical, a leading global orthopaedic implant manufacturer and exporter, is conducting cadaver workshops and dry labs to enable surgeons to gain experience before stepping full-time in the field. Presenting their innovative range of orthopaedic implants at Arab Heath 2022, ongoing at the Dubai World Trade Centre, where entry is free for all, visitors can witness the future of orthopaedic possibilities at stand CC95.


Talking about different medical approaches and surgical techniques is essential for all medical practitioners for the proper advancement of the medical field. Mr. Rahul Luthra, International Sales Director, Auxein Medical, said, “With DAIS Academy, we are offering surgeons the chance to experiment with different medical approaches, techniques, and implants to find the best options for real-time surgeries. With live surgeries, cadaver workshops, dry labs, Auxein provides all these brilliant minds with the opportunity to experiment with different orthopaedic implants and witness their outcomes. As the quality of education and training improves, it results in better surgeons and better treatments, contributing to society’s betterment. ”


Aiming to improve lives through innovative orthopaedic research and development, DAIS Academy is associated with universities and research institutes globally to enhance the field of research. Everyone in the medical field can carry out pre-clinical research, investigate medical devices, observe clinical outcomes of the devices, materials, and substances. DAIS Academy enables the ideation of better medical solutions by bringing different experts together under the same roof with a surgeon to surgeon training.



Prof. Dr. Sherif Khaled, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery Cairo, said, “I have been associated with Auxein for more than ten years and have regularly imported their entire trauma line to Egypt for my patients. They offer similar quality to the biggest names and are focused on innovation and offering better solutions. I believe their decisions are beneficial to advancing the entire field of orthopaedics, especially with DAIS Academy and its webinars and surgeon on surgeon training. When we put bright minds together, new solutions are born, and leaps are made.”


The registration process is simple, and you can register for the webinars conducted by world-renowned surgeons at https://www.dais.academy. Surgeons can also reach out directly to the Auxein Medical team and view their process and a vast range of orthopaedic products at https://www.auxein.com.


About Auxein Medical

Auxein Medical is a leading orthopaedic implant manufacturer and global exporter based in the USA, Mexico, India, and the United Arab Emirates. Reaching over 70+ countries, Auxein Medical has the prestigious Medical Device Single Audit Program Certification, including India’s first Medical Equipment Testing Lab. The brand places a special emphasis on observing regulatory norms and follows stringent quality checks in compliance with the requirements of US FDA. Adhering to the strictest standards in quality control, product design and development, prototyping, packaging, and sterilisation, all the products are certified by CE, in compliance with the European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC (as amended 2007/47/EC) and packaged as per EN 980 standards.


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