Venture Studio Prototyze Launches Deck Sherpa, a Specialised Design Agency Focussed on Presentations

GOA, India & DUSSELDORF, Germany — Venture Studio Prototyze has announced the launch of Deck Sherpa (, a specialised design agency focused on presentations.

Microsoft PowerPoint is the go-to software for presentations, globally. Whether serenading investors, inducting new employees, explaining product features, or providing financial updates – senior executives in business and governments alike have used on-screen PowerPoint slideshows for decades.

Simplicity and beautiful visuals make intricate concepts accessible to a wider audience. An idea with merit may go unappreciated due to mediocre presentation aesthetics resulting from poorly selected imagery, to amateurishly chosen typefaces and lack of alignment.

Though leaders understand the value of first impressions – they often underestimate how critical it is to use professional visual aid. This is changing rapidly. Regardless of the presenter’s oratory abilities, presentations play a vital role in creating an impression, both positive and negative.

“Contrary to what most people think, animations in presentations are a powerful tool to amplify message and reduce cognitive load. It’s often dismissed as unhelpful frills. It can make a good presentation great. Templates are restrictive in their ability to truly reflect a company’s brand persona,” says Amit Vengurlekar, Business Head of Deck Sherpa.

Part of Synapse, Prototyze’s communication design firm – Deck Sherpa is a fast-growing presentation-only design studio has been the secret weapon for many use cases ranging from sales decks to RFP responses.

“What looks good, sells. Or at least – is easier to sell. It’s the same with presentations. An anti-boring presentation is like a well-tailored suit that makes the presenter noticeable and the pitch sharp. Deck Sherpa’s presentation specialists have had a small part to play in many storied transactions and newsworthy corporate moves. A modest investment in a professionally designed PowerPoint deck is an increasingly popular hack that senior leaders are turning to. From pharmaceuticals to fintech startups, and airlines to consulting giants – the demand for well-crafted presentations cuts across industries and functions,” says Tanmay Modi, CEO of Deck Sherpa.

The ability to deliver high quality, memorable outcomes in relatively short time – many senior business leaders rely on Deck Sherpa’s team for presentations that matter.

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