Mauritius lifts all travel restrictions

Dubai, United Arab Emirates — The Republic of Mauritius is welcoming all the guests as all Covid restrictions are lifted according to the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority. The authorities’ shares that guests are no longer required to test or self-isolate to enjoy a Mauritius holiday.

The successful acceleration of the country’s vaccination programme has allowed Mauritius to progress with the full reopening and welcome visitors into a safe and secure environment. The nation’s double vaccination rate now
stands at over 90 percent, and around two thirds of all over 18 have also received
their booster shots.

Mauritius reopened its borders partially on October 1, 2021, and over 500,000 tourists have travelled to the paradise island since then.

A perfect climate awaits the visitors who can enjoy various outdoor activities Mauritius has to offer as well as enjoy the world-renowned beaches.

A destination with something for everyone, Mauritius, the beautiful island in the Indian Ocean offers a slice of paradise with its white-sand beaches, lush greenery, turquoise lagoons and world-renowned luxury resorts, yet it’s so much more than a beach destination.

Mauritius, lovingly known as the pearl of Indian Ocean, is a diverse and rich island with tremendous natural treasures beyond its world famous beaches. The diverse landscape of Mauritius is composed of mountains, rivers and gorges that provide an ultimate setting for outdoor and extreme activities.

Best-Kept Secrets for Outdoor enthusiasts include hiking opportunities with unforgettable views including Le Morne, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, quad biking in the savannah, canyoning in the gorges and rivers, hiking and swimming in the canyon at Domaine de Chazal or the longest zip line of the Indian Ocean at La Vallée des Couleurs.

Tourists can enjoy extraordinary in-air adventures like Seaplane, ultra-light aircraft, helicopter, parachute rides over the lagoons offering panoramic views of island, the mountains sculptures and the endless blue of the lagoons.

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