NEVER BACK DOWN: Luxury Off-Road Brand M-Terrain Officially Released

WUHAN, China — Dongfeng Motor Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Dongfeng Motor) officially released the M-Terrain in Wuhan, and released the brand’s exclusive “M” logo system and the brand proposition of NEVER BACK DOWN.

M-Terrain intelligent off-road architecture M TECH is the world premiere, leading the trend of luxury electric off-road technology in China with super platform, super power and super off-road. M-Terrain will build a luxury electric off-road benchmark and create an oriental off-road culture based on this architecture.

Zhu Yanfeng, chairman of Dongfeng Motor, and Yang Qing, general manager of Dongfeng Motor, jointly unveiled the M-Terrain brand logo. Zhu Yanfeng, You Zheng, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Motor, and Cao Dongjie, CEO of M-Terrain Automotive Technology Company, respectively released the brand M-Terrain, technology and user strategic planning.

Two concept cars, M-Terrain and M-Terrain S, completed the world’s first show, drawing inspiration from “Lion Awakening in the East” and interpreting the design concept of “Hero Soul.”

M-Tech architecture is the first comprehensive technical solution of luxury electric off-road in China. In the three technical fields of platform, power and off-road, M-Hero skateboard off-road platform MORA, M-Hero power MEGA POWER and M-Hero off-road all-terrain intelligent solution M ATS are launched respectively.

MORA, the M-Terrain skateboard cross-country platform, is the first electric cross-country skateboard platform in China; M-Terrain Power MEGA POWER is driven by front and rear four motors, with a power output of over 1,000 horsepower. It adopts the world’s first two-speed gearbox with integrated differential lock, with a wheel torque of over 16,000 Nm, and zero-hundred acceleration only takes 4.2 seconds. M-Terrain off-road all-terrain intelligent solution M ATS can intelligently select the most ideal off-road mode according to different environments, and can realize “crab walking mode.”

In addition, M-Terrain is innovatively equipped with intelligent technologies such as Oriental Hawkeye Intelligent UAV System, Intelligent Security System and L3 Intelligent Driving Assistance System to further enhance the intelligent off-road experience.

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