Digital Check® Introduces Next-Generation TellerScan® TS250 High-Speed Check Scanner

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Digital Check Corp. is proud to announce the TellerScan TS250 at Gitex Global 2022, where the product will be on display at a booth jointly shared with Globalis. The TS250 is Digital Check’s latest high-speed check scanner for the banking industry, designed for everyday use at the teller window or for high-volume remote deposit capture. The new model is the planned successor to the popular TellerScan TS240, with thousands of units deployed over the past decade, and which remains the company’s best-selling multi-feed device of all time. General availability of the new TS250 is expected to occur in early 2023.

Based on the design of Digital Check’s SmartSource® Elite series scanners, the TS250 shares many mechanical components in common with that model, and versions are available that run in traditional USB-mode using either the Digital Check API or the SmartPVA API. The TellerScan TS250 also includes all the enhanced features of the current-generation Elite series models, including automatic cleaning mode, 600 dpi color front-feed ID card capture, and the Smart LED indicator switch.

For use in networked virtual environments, TellerScan TS250 models are equipped with onboard intelligence for operation via RNDIS, or “Ethernet over USB” protocol. TS250 units using RNDIS communicate using SecureLink by Digital Check® 2.0 network API.

“In updating our TellerScan line, we decided to take the best and most-used features from across our entire product family, and incorporate them into a single, easily accessible platform,” says Jeff Hempker, Digital Check’s president. “The next-generation TS250 represents another step in the evolution toward a cross-compatible product line that combines the best of the TellerScan and SmartSource worlds.”

The TellerScan TS250 is available in models with rated speeds of 55, 75, and 110 documents per minute, with options for rear single-line inkjet endorsing, and front UV image capture for international markets. In another notable change, the document feed input has been relocated to the right-hand side of the device, rather than the left-hand feed that made the TS240 unique among the Digital Check product line.

The TS250 retains backward compatibility with other TellerScan devices, meaning it can be used in parallel or in combination with existing models. While it is considered the successor to the TS240, that model remains in production and continues to be fully supported.

Digital Check will be exhibiting with Globalis at Gitex Global, October 10-14, 2022, in Dubai, UAE, in Hall 4, Stand C1.

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