“Employee experience is the foundation of Himel’s customer experience ambition”: Vibha Thusu

Vibha Thusu, Global Head of Marketing & Communications at Himel International, sheds light on how CX can be improved and personalised in the electrical industry at CX NXT, UAE

Dubai, UAE, November 27, 2022: Vibha Thusu underscored the importance of employees’ experience and its impact on customer experience (CX) at CX NXT UAE, which took place on 16-17 November in Dubai. Sharing the platform with renowned regional CX experts, she shared Himel’s ‘top-down’ approach towards nurturing employee experience and how it is imperative to a brand’s success.

Vibha Thusu, Global Head of Marketing and Communications, Himel, said: “Customer experience (CX) is central to keeping the momentum of brand purpose and customer relationships. CX reflects a brand’s culture that can’t be realised in silos but only by putting employees first.”

During the discussion, she emphasised how the most suited approach to deal with negative CX is to listen, empathise, show up, and remediate. Digital tools are increasingly providing brands with valuable data that enables them to deliver a contextual data-driven experience. However, as a brand wanting to connect better, an action plan for every plausible negative CX point is a necessity.

Employees, especially the client-facing ones, are a mirror of what and how brands perceive themselves on purpose, which means that the purpose needs to be reflected inside and out. Several customer-centricity aspiring brands fail, even after pumping thought and money, because the workforce has not internalised or recognised the purpose enough to build a positive customer experience. The true on-ground translation of brand purpose makes them rise above the crowd and gives a unique identity that attracts the right talent and customers.

“At Himel, we don’t see employee experience as a layer to our CX ambition, but rather the very foundation of it. As a B2B business with a workforce worldwide, fostering and embodying the spirit of positive experience has been our strong focus. On an individual level, to me, it means that people feel the impact of the work they are doing daily,” Vibha added. 

Speaking on the potential focus points to improve CX in the future, Vibha highlighted the need for a more human-centric approach alongside digital listening and data tapping to get feedback and make every touchpoint increasingly accessible. An understanding of novel needs is the primary step towards personalising CX in the electrical industry.

As a market leader in value-engineered electrical products, Himel believes in creating opportunities for all and strives to establish a cohesive environment where everyone can succeed. Determined to build a link between focus experience, value-on and off-digital, Himel’s adopting a multi-channel approach that is rooted in proactive customer engagement. 

About Vibha Thusu
Vibha Thusu, Global Head of Marketing & Communications at Himel International, is a strategic marketing communications leader. Thusu comes with over 17 years of experience in industries like information technology & services, learning & education, FMCG, engineering, energy management, electrical, and industrial automation. She is passionate about content marketing and storytelling, leveraging online and offline demand generation touchpoints, customer experience, and channel ecosystem to grow brand awareness, sales, and market share with an entrepreneurial mindset.

About Himel International

Himel is a global manufacturer and supplier of electric products for Low Voltage Power Distribution, Final Distribution, Power Management, Motor Control and Protection, Industrial Components, and Home Electric offers. With a footprint in 50+ countries—Himel is a leader in value-engineered electric products for residential, commercial, industrial, and utilities sectors. Himel values opportunities for all and provides the best combination of affordable and reliable offers to meet the demand for access to safe electricity. To view the product portfolio, visit www.himel.com


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