Introducing iSEEKGlobal: The Transformative Supply Chain Management Cloud Platform

AMES, Iowa — iSEEK Corporation announces the launch of iSEEKGlobal, a game-changing cloud-based platform that empowers Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to qualify Contract Manufacturers (CMs)/suppliers, and attain cost estimates instantly. Powered by the iSEEK Corporation’s 3D Shape Search Engine, CADseekiSEEKGlobal transforms the way OEMs approach supplier qualification while offering OEMs, suppliers, and CMs of all sizes unparalleled reach, speed, and security.

In our modern-day globalized economy, we’ve all witnessed how disturbances to the supply chain, be it due to political instability, natural disasters or even the pandemic, could have dire consequences on OEMs’ performance. iSEEKGlobal was designed to eliminate supply chain interruptions. With in-network suppliers’ list updating dynamically, a supplier or a contract manufacturer is matched in capabilities to the immediate needs of an OEM instantly. The speed and precision by which the new supplier relationships are established will make a world of difference for supply chain managers determined to keep their businesses thriving and their product lines evolving,” said Dr. Abir Qamhiyah, the inventor of iSEEK Corporation’s shape search technology and its CEO.

iSEEKGlobal provides a downloadable application, iEstimate, to analyze an OEM’s design locally on their hardware and within the security of their own network. A compact 40KB CADseek shape signature is extracted and used to search the iSEEKGlobal cloud index. The CADseek shape signature is intrinsically secure due to its noninvertible nature, that is it cannot be reverse engineered to the original design it was extracted from.

Similarly, iSEEKGlobal provides the application iBid for CMs and suppliers to install. iBid locally processes within the CM’s or supplier’s own network the 3D geometry files for the history of parts they have made for their customers. The iBid application extracts and uploads the 40KB noninvertible CADseek shape signatures to the iSEEKGlobal platform for creating an index searchable by 3D shape. The CADseek shape search engine does not need CAD models, images, or any other viewable to match qualified CMs and suppliers.

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