Hire-as-you-go hotel marketing platform launches in the GCC region

Dubai, United Arab Emirates — In a landscape of ever-growing digital complexity and talent shortage, hotels have trouble getting the marketing expertise they genuinely need when needed, hence missing out on business opportunities. Newly launched Hotel Marketing Space has created a hire-as-you-go platform giving hotels in the GCC region access to a flexible team of world-class experts.

The platform’s services cover three main areas: digital marketing, social media, and photography/videography. From a website SEO assessment to Instagram Reels to lifestyle photography, hotels can easily hire the specific marketing talent required per their business needs.

In the words of the founder, Miret Padovani: “Hotels often face skill gaps due to temporary vacancies or the need for specialized skills that in-house marketing teams do not possess. With no agency fees or lengthy hiring processes, Hotel Marketing Space offers a quick, cost-efficient solution to fill these gaps.”

The company also provides luxury hotels with public relations representation in the US and nine European countries. The member agencies have decades of experience working with leading travel brands.

“When looking for PR representation abroad, hotels face the challenge of the agencies being too far away and rarely visiting the properties,” says Padovani. “We get to know the hotels personally thanks to a local representative in Dubai and Riyadh – a huge plus. It also solves the headache of dealing with different time zones and up to 12 hours of time difference!”

In addition to its core marketing and PR services, Hotel Marketing Space aims to contribute to the development of local talent by offering leadership and personal development training sessions.

“The growth of the hotel industry in the GCC region will only be possible if we develop strong marketing and communications leaders,” says Padovani.

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