Dubai, United Arab Emirates — As we observe World Asthma Day, it is time to spread awareness about the significance of fresh air and optimal respiratory health. LG Electronics (LG) remains steadfast in its mission to enhance people’s lives through innovative technology and intelligent design by providing cutting-edge air purifiers that can mitigate asthma symptoms and enhance indoor air quality for everyone. LG has crafted all-in-one home air solutions that are thoughtfully designed to provide optimal care for individuals dealing with asthma and other respiratory diseases while promoting a healthier way of life. These air solutions are designed to cater to people’s needs to enjoy personalized comfort while benefiting from cleaner and fresher indoor air quality in their surroundings.

A Habit All Year Long
On World Asthma Day, we are reminded of the importance of clean air, but it is vital to understand that the need for fresh air extends beyond just one day. Keeping in mind that clean air is a necessity all year long, LG offers LG PuriCare 360 Air Purifier, AAFA Certified (America), for its capability to reduce bio-allergen airborne levels by 75% or greater over time. This Air Purifier can provide homeowners with a healthier environment regardless of the season. Its advanced 360-degree air purification system captures harmful particles and gases from all directions, delivering clean and fresh air to every nook and cranny of the household and helping to relieve asthma symptoms. The air purifier’s Axial-Centrifugal Fan Guide Vane with Chevron Nozzle makes it 20% more powerful than traditional products. Its filtration system is equipped with 360-degree filters that effectively eliminate micro-particles, harmful gases, and odors. All users, whether or not they have a respiratory disease, can breathe healthier air and enjoy clean air throughout their homes all year long with the LG PuriCare Air Purifier.

Real-time Monitoring for Improved Indoor Air Quality
The LG PuriCare™ system is especially important for individuals who suffer from asthma and other respiratory illnesses. These individuals are more susceptible to air pollution, which can exacerbate their symptoms and lead to respiratory distress. The precise air quality readings provided by the PM1.0 sensor and gas sensor, along with the automatic adjustment of airflow and operation, ensure that the LG air purifier is effectively removing harmful pollutants from the air. The Clean Booster feature also helps to distribute clean air evenly throughout the entire room, reducing the risk of exposure to harmful particles. This feature utilizes a unique combination of a fan and air purifier to deliver clean air up to 7.5 meters away, reaching every corner of the room and providing effective purification. This can help to alleviate symptoms and improve the overall quality of life for those who suffer from asthma and other respiratory illnesses.


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