Keeperz Celebrates Remarkable Achievements in its First Year

Keeperz achieves excellent success with exponential user growth, record-breaking transactions, and industry recognition, solidifying its position as a promising all-in-one marketing solution for the F&B industry in the UAE

Dubai, 6th June 2023– Keeperz, a pioneering foodtech startup, proudly announces its extraordinary achievements in the first year of operations. As the UAE’s first all-in-one marketing solution for the F&B industry, Keeperz has revolutionised the way restaurants connect with customers and thrive in a competitive landscape. With a focus on organic engagement, innovation, and user satisfaction, Keeperz has exceeded expectations, solidifying its position as a leading player in the market.

Mohamed Thahir, Co-founder and CTO of KEEPERZ, shared their ambitious vision for integrating OpenAI into their growth strategy: “We plan to use OpenAI’s machine learning algorithms to personalise our user experience by suggesting restaurants or cuisines that are relevant to their buying history: preferences, spending pattern and interests. This convenience can also increase user satisfaction, loyalty, and, ultimately, more transactions.” 

Keeperz also plans to utilise OpenAI’s natural language processing technology to develop efficient chatbots for user support, improving the overall experience. Furthermore, OpenAI’s algorithms will be employed to identify and prevent fraudulent activities, enhancing trust and security for users and restaurants on their online marketplace. 

Mohamed Hossein, Co-founder and Sales Director, expressed: “Our customers appreciate our contribution to their business growth and refer us to their peers, as evident on our LinkedIn page. Keeperz’s excellent reputation led to being trusted by governmental entities like the Sharjah Department of Culture and selected to organise the culinary events during the ‘Sharjah Heritage Day’, a cultural festival captivating 400,000 visitors over 21 days.”

Keeperz has gained industry recognition and established strategic partnerships with reputable hospitality companies, such as the Tower Plaza Hotel, Coral Beach Resort, and Bahi Ajman Palace, as a leading marketing platform for their fancy restaurants and fine dining venues. The app holds a remarkable rating of 4.9 on the AppStore, consistently ranking among the top 50 apps. Induced in the global programme MS4Startups, Keeperz is also a part of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub. 

Amr Gamal, Co-Founder and CEO of KEEPERZ, shared: “Since our MVP’s soft launch in April 2022, we’ve organically acquired 20K users, resulting in 21k transactions and a Gross Merchandise Value of AED4M. Remarkably, we achieved this with zero customer acquisition cost, zero dollars spent on ads, and zero institutional fund. Additionally, we reached our break-even point within 12 months. Demonstrating our product-market fit, we are now raising 30-month financing in a seed round to scale up. This includes hiring a capable sales force, expanding our tech team, and pursuing viral marketing initiatives and strategic partnerships.”

By diversifying revenue streams, Keeperz has generated income from various sources, including annual subscription fees, commission fees per transaction, digital marketing packages, and on-demand offline marketing. This balanced business model along with positive market response has positioned the startup for sustainable growth, with financial stability and a tremendous scalability potential.

About KEEPERZ Networks FZCO

KEEPERZ Networks FZCO is a fooodtech startup which is UAE’s first one-in-all marketing solution for the F&B Industry. With a hyperactive community of foodies, their app introduces a novel, digital word-of-mouth solution, establishing loyal customers as brand ambassadors. Currently based in the Dubai Technology Entrepreneurship Center (DTEC), an initiative of the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, the startup plans to expand to Egypt and KSA.

Media contact:
Mrigaya Dham

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