Chery Introduces ARRIZO 8 in the UAE: A Revolutionary Sedan with Powerful Powertrain and Advanced Safety Features

Dubai, United Arab Emirates — Chery has developed ARRIZO 8 as a brand-new strategic product to strengthen the sedan category, to be launched in the UAE in September 2023.

As a subversive vehicle with a 2790mm wheelbase and 4780mm body length, the powertrain has always been the focus of attention for users. Chery’s 1.6TGDI engine, which has been honored at the “China Best Ten Engines” with the iHEC intelligent effect combustion system, fast-responding turbocharging technology, low-inertia turbocharging technology, quick-heating thermal management system, and lightweight and ultra-low friction reduction technology, the ARRIZO 8 has the strongest powertrain among its peers. It offers 290Nm of torque and 145kW of power. It comes with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, which is used in the highest series of European cars. As a result, power output is smoother and energy consumption is reduced.

Thus, with this excellent powertrain, the ARRIZO 8 not only achieves the fastest 0-100km acceleration in its class of 8.9s, but it also brings efficiency and economy with a fuel consumption of 6.5L per 100km. Soon, the ARRIZO 8 will also launch a 2.0T version and an energy model equipped with Chery’s third-generation PHEV technology, with comprehensive endurance of up to 1300 kilometers.

ARRIZO 8 also offers three driving modes that cater to different types of drivers, including sports, comfortable, and eco modes. With these three modes, drivers can choose from to satisfy their needs. In addition, the ARRIZO 8 chassis has been tuned by international professionals. Standard features like EPS, EPB, and AUTO HOLD can be found on all models in the series. As a result, users will enjoy a driving experience comparable to luxury cars.

ARRIZO 8 offers a five-star level of protection and safety. Over 80% of the vehicle body is made from high-strength steel, comparable to luxury brands, and designed in line with global NCAP five-star safety standards. The Arrizo 8 is equipped with 10 airbags in total, providing a comprehensive level of safety.

In terms of smart and safe driving, ARRIZO 8 offers an advanced driving assistance system with 20 powerful functions, preventing accidents before they occur.

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