The 12th Lynk & Co Club Opens in Hangzhou

HANGZHOU, China — Strengthening its global presence, the innovative automotive brand Lynk & Co has inaugurated its 12th Lynk & Co Club in Hangzhou, the host city for the upcoming Asian Games. Nestled by the scenic West Lake, this club sets out to reimagine the automotive lifestyle experience for open urbanites worldwide.

The Lynk & Co Club seamlessly combines brand culture exhibitions, direct product sales, and immersive shopping experiences. It aims to connect the brand directly with consumers within a dynamic space that goes beyond traditional car showrooms.

Located on Nan Shan Road, one of Hangzhou’s cultural landmarks, the Lynk & Co Club invites visitors to immerse themselves in the area’s rich cultural heritage. Within walking distance, attractions like Qianwang Temple and Goushan Li await exploration. The club’s positioning reflects Lynk & Co’s aspiration to showcase itself as a global high-end new energy brand in the vibrant city.

As part of its strategic global expansion, Lynk & Co harmoniously blends the influences of globalization and localization. Prior to Hangzhou, the brand had already established 11 Lynk & Co Clubs across six European countries, each positioned in prime locations and capturing the essence of their respective cities. For instance, the Barcelona Club is adjacent to Catalonia Square and the iconic masterpiece of Antoni Gaudí – Casa Batlló. The Berlin Club is situated in the creative Mitte neighborhood, ready to accommodate DJ nights, parties, coworking, and cultural events.

The new Hangzhou Club exemplifies Lynk & Co’s “More Than a Car” philosophy. It is designed as a hotel-like establishment – CO:TEL, providing consumers with a unique and personalized lifestyle experience. After exploring the remarkable product lineup, visitors can enjoy an Americano at the To Go coffee bar on the first floor or savor a unique Lynk & Co specialty drink at the 04 Not Found coffee bar on the fourth floor.

The third floor of the Lynk & Co Club serves as a hub for brand events, salons, art exhibitions, and gatherings. It houses the Co: Partner Museum, which showcases the collaborative achievements between the brand and its car owners.

With the mission of “Changing Mobility Forever,” Lynk & Co continues to provide open urbanites with new and exciting products, channels, and experiences. The opening of the 12th Lynk & Co Club in Hangzhou marks the brand’s commitment to innovative energy as it expands globally.

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