Beijing Radio and Television Station’s Second ‘Most Delicious Hometown Flavor’ Event Concludes Successfully

Recently, the second “Most Delicious Hometown Flavor” event, hosted by Beijing Radio and Television Station, came to a close. Commencing in January 2023, the event featured a 24-hour live broadcast titled “@ Homie@Folk, Happy New Year!” during the Chinese New Year, 20 live explorations of the “Most Delicious Hometown Flavor” stores, a series of captivating short videos showcasing food culture, and a global collection titled “Flavors of China, Favors of the World” that lasted for 9 months. The event concluded with the exciting release of the top 10 stories of “Flavors of China, Favors of the World.”

10 Overseas Promotion Ambassadors for the “Most Delicious Hometown Flavor” Cover the World

After a rigorous selection process, the top 10 stories of “Flavors of China, Favors of the World” have been unveiled! These 10 ambassadors promoting the “Most Delicious Hometown Flavor” hail from the United States, France, South Korea, Belarus, Indonesia, Iran, Brazil, the Philippines, Armenia, and Congo.

China’s “Hometown Flavor” Moves the World in Search of Food and Friends

China’s “Hometown Flavor” always captivates and leaves an indelible mark. It is a taste that goes beyond mere food; it encompasses memories, heritage, and a deep connection to one’s hometown. “Hometown Flavor” is not only a vital component of Chinese culture but also a unique cultural charm that evokes warmth and emotional connection. Whether it’s Beijing Roast Duck, Drunken Shrimp from the Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai free shipping area, Guizhou’s Spicy Ciba Chicken, Sour Congee of Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia, or simple Chongqing noodles, China’s “hometown flavor” has enamored the world with its distinctive allure.

According to reports, the theme event garnered significant attention with a total online topic reading volume exceeding 341 million. The discussion volume reached over 1.628 million, and the interaction volume surpassed 2.507 million. The event’s overseas communication had wide coverage, including 19 overseas news agencies and core media from seven countries/regions, namely the United States, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Thailand, Singapore, and the Middle East.

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