Acronis Helps Managed Service Providers Grow by Introducing MSP Academy

Dubai, United Arab Emirates — Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection, today announced the launch of MSP Academy, an educational initiative aimed to provide managed service providers (MSPs) with business and technological knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to excel and grow. The MSP Academy launch represents a significant expansion of Acronis’ educational offerings, delivering on the commitment of Acronis to support the development of the global MSP market.

Acronis has offered extensive technology and business training on Acronis products for service providers for over ten years through Acronis Academy. Acronis partners that went through training and certification through the Academy in 2022 saw a 60% increase in revenue from Acronis product sales and a reduction in support incidents by 40%. In response to partner requests to expand the training portfolio beyond product training, Acronis delivered MSP Academy.

MSP Academy is a learning platform created to address key challenges MSPs face. It covers various topics, from starting an MSP, running a successful MSP business, marketing an MSP business, and optimizing the efficiency and productivity of MSP technicians.

“MSP Academy offers a customized education experience, allowing learners to explore specific topics or follow a structured learning path,” said Jon McCarrick, Director of Evangelism at Acronis. “The rapidly evolving technology and business landscape requires ongoing learning, and MSP Academy is designed to support the growing needs of MSPs.”

MSP Academy’s curriculum is crafted to offer training covering all aspects of managing an MSP business. With content structured to cater to the fast-paced changes of technology, bite-sized modules ranging from three to seven minutes are available to deliver impactful insights. Participants can take an exam to receive a Credly badge to share with peers and customers, showing their qualifications and commitment to continuous learning by earning a degree from the MSP Academy.

Upcoming initiatives from Acronis include delivering hybrid boot camps in collaboration with cloud distributors, providing an immersive learning experience to keep learners at the forefront of industry advancements, and launching new online, hybrid, and offline multilingual training options, ensuring that MSPs across the world can benefit from the program.

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