Launch of the Groundbreaking Green Hydrogen Giga Project White Dunes in Morocco

DAKHLA, Morocco — In line with Moroccan authorities’ objectives, Falcon Capital Dakhla proudly reveals a strategic collaboration with HDF Energy, an industry leader in green hydrogen, to produce some of the world’s cheapest green hydrogen.

The White Dunes project, spearheaded by Moroccan enterprise Falcon Capital Dakhla, aims to forge a strategic alliance with HDF ENERGY (mnemonic code: HDF) for the establishment of a green hydrogen production facility in the heart of the Dakhla region. The initial investment for this ambitious endeavor is estimated at USD 2 billion. Embracing Morocco’s 14-year experience in clean energy and fostering an innovation-friendly ecosystem, White Dunes aspires to be a pivotal player in the country’s renewable energy sector, with the goal of commencing hydrogen production by 2028.

Majid Slimani, the founder and president of Falcon Capital Dakhla, underscores the significance of White Dunes in the context of Morocco’s green hydrogen landscape. Slimani states, “White Dunes embodies a commitment to the cause of green energy and a dedication to more sustainable future for Morocco. We have devoted nearly two full years to feasibility studies, preliminary project design, and phased planning across a projected area of 150,000 hectares.”

Given the exceptional characteristics of the Dakhla region, the project aspires to achieve a capacity of 10 GW in wind energy, 7 GW in photovoltaic energy, and 8 GW in electrolyzers.

For the realization of this project, Falcon Capital Dakhla leverages the expertise of HDF Energy, a renowned player specialized in hydrogen infrastructure development and powerful fuel cell design. HDF Energy also acts as a co-developer of the project, fortifying White Dunes position. For Damien Havard, CEO of HDF Energy, “the collaboration with Falcon Capital Dakhla represents the perfect synergy between two complementary entities, enabling the production of some of the world’s most competitive green hydrogen in Morocco.”

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