“Leading the Charge: Gulf Scientific Corporation’s Impactful Presence at Precision Medicine and Functional Genomics in Doha”

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Gulf Scientific Corporation (GSC) recently participated at the Precision Medicine and Functional Genomics 2023 Conference in Doha, Qatar. As one of the main titanium sponsors of the event, GSC showcased its commitment to advancing healthcare through cutting-edge technologies and solutions.

The event took place at the St Regis Hotel from November 11 till 14 and was a remarkable success. Gulf Scientific Corporation sponsored two main speakers: Dr. Chiraz Khayat from DNA Script who talked about enzymatic DNA synthesis in enabling a variety of SynBio and genomics applications, and Dr. Owen Hughes from Cytek Biosciences who presented a workshop on flow cytometric tools for deep insights into phenotype and function.

Throughout the event, GSC’s booth stood as a hub of expertise, representing major companies in the field including Merck, ThermoFisher Scientific, DNA Script, Luminex, as well as Cytek Biosciences. The company’s booth also drew attention from professionals and experts in the precision medicine sphere. GSC staff, partners and representatives engaged with attendees, demonstrating their state-of-the-art products and services.

GSC’s success at the conference is a testament to its dedication to shaping the future of lab research and healthcare across the Gulf region. Its contribution to the ongoing dialogue surrounding precision medicine and functional genomics was well-received, with attendees expressing keen interest in the transformative potential of GSC’s offerings. The success at Precision Medicine and Functional Genomics 2023 solidifies GSC’s position as a key player in the scientific and medical community in Qatar and across the Gulf region.

“We would like to thank all those who visited our booth and engaged in discussions during the conference, and we would also like to thank Sidra Medicine for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this event.  It is truly our honour, and we look forward to supporting their events in the future.” said Manaf Afyouni, Managing Director of Gulf Scientific Corporation


The success achieved at Precision Medicine and Functional Genomics 2023 serves as a springboard for GSC to further contribute to the evolution of precision medicine, making strides towards a more personalized and effective approach to this field.

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