MIRAI JMAC & Royal Family Office of UAE Announce Formation of MIRAI Capital Global With Its First Tranche of USD 1.5 Billion Investment Fund for ASIA-USA-UAE Corridor

NEW DELHI, India & DUBAI, United Arab Emirates & SAN FRANCISCO — MIRAI JMAC, a leading advisory and consulting firm, announced the creation of MIRAI Capital Global with an initial corpus of USD 1.5 Billion in a strategic partnership with the UAE Royal Family Office (RFO) of H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al-Qassimi. This marks a significant milestone for MIRAI JMAC in its journey to establish itself as a trusted advisor to several diversified Business Houses and Large Family Offices (LFOs) across the Middle East, Japan, India, South Asia, and US regions.

“I intend to build the biggest global partnership & investment vehicle for the world and enhance the visibility of my diversified portfolio via MIRAI Capital Global,” said H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al-Qassimi. “I am committed to inspiring positive change and making a lasting impact on future generations through our innovative honeycomb approach. Join us as we bring together tomorrow’s leaders to work towards a better world.”

“We aim to leverage the unique strengths and resources of both the RFO and entrepreneurial innovation to create a more interconnected and inclusive world with MIRAI Capital Global,” said Dunston Pereira, Group CEO of The Private Office of H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al-Qassimi. “We are committed to fostering an environment that nurtures and amplifies the ambitions of entrepreneurs, while upholding the values of tradition, integrity, and responsibility that are synonymous with the Royal Family.”

Under the leadership of Mr. Pranav Jyoti, Chief Investment Officer for The Private Office of H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al-Qassimi, and also the regional Managing Director of the multifamily office advisory and royal office execution partner, MIRAI JMAC has advised over 100+ family offices in South East Asia and India, building business legacy and managing assets worth over USD 20 Billion since 2015. The firm is also one of the largest regional multi-family office and growth advisory firm, with strong clientele in over 10 cities in South East Asia, US, and Japan.

“Our goal at MIRAI JMAC to connect large family offices with strategic investment opportunities and MIRAI Capital Global is a culmination of that mission,” said Pranav Jyoti, Co-founder and Managing Director of MIRAI Capital Global. “Since 2018, UAE’s family offices surged by 248%, exceeding 2,000 today. MIRAI JMAC facilitated their establishment in the UAE, aiding their core business expansion and partnerships with RFO. It is anticipated that these Offices may contribute 30% (USD 100 Billion) to start-up funding by 2025. At MIRAI Capital, we aim to harness this smart capital, becoming the top choice for entrepreneurs and fund managers seeking global expansion. We go beyond investing, embodying a team of builders, partnering with entrepreneurs to leverage MIRAI JMAC’s vast network of CEOs and globally successful entrepreneurs ensuring impactful legacy creation and succession across various global regions.”

MIRAI Capital Global is co-founded by Pranav Jyoti and Puneet Pandit, a veteran tech executive and entrepreneur from Silicon Valley. Puneet will be Group CEO of MIRAI Capital Global and build a team of regional Managing Partners. The firm will be headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, and will have a multi-feeder fund structure spanning UAE, India, Japan, and South Asia. MIRAI Capital Global aims to bridge the Far East with the West, leveraging UAE as the fulcrum and using India and South East Asia as a consumption market.

MIRAI Capital Global investment focuses on “Fund-of-Funds” on Venture Capital and Private Equity entities that are eager to participate in the high growth markets of India and UAE and will lead investments in selective start-ups and additionally align project-based financing with venture debt opportunities in UAE & India. Specific industry focus will include AI & High Tech, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Real Estate & Infrastructure. The partnership with RFO will be pivotal in identifying opportunities aligned with our shared vision for sustainable growth and positive global impact on the UAE.

“MIRAI Capital Global is going to be a game changer with its multi-tiered feeder approach and strategic focus on connecting the booming economies of India and UAE with ground breaking innovations from the West,” said Puneet Pandit, Co-founder and Group CEO of MIRAI Capital Global. “We are betting big on Family Offices and serial entrepreneurs who are likely to impact the world via technology and AI-led innovation in the Silicon Valley along with the infrastructure and high consumption markets like India, Middle East and South East Asia. Our investment strategy will be defined by a data-driven approach, specialized sourcing capabilities, and an uncompromising commitment to meaningful collaboration with entrepreneurs.”

The following leaders will also assume specific roles as part of the MIRAI Capital Global team:

Vinoth Beemjee: With 15 years of experience in Real Estate and Infrastructure Investment, Vinoth is a highly skilled Senior Partner and Regional APAC Lead. His expertise in Strategy, Private Equity, and Venture Capital markets make him a valuable asset in identifying and pursuing investment opportunities. Vinoth’s transformative leadership with EMBA from IIM Lucknow and NICMAR have enabled him to successfully turn around businesses. His sharp insights and visionary approach drive impactful collaborations, giving his team a competitive advantage in Private Equity and Real Estate Investment.

Dhilip Purushothaman: With 25 years of experience in Finance, Marketing, and Business Transformation, Dhilipis a highly accomplished leader serving as Managing Partner and Regional MEA Lead. He has worked across multiple sectors including banking, fintech, payments, and start-ups in the US, India, and the UAE. His impressive roles includes esteemed organizations such as BoA, Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas, Emirates NBD, Discover Financial, and Amazon Pay. With MBA from University of Chicago Booth School of Business and Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Dhilip’s diverse expertise and extensive experience make him a highly influential leader.

Kiran Murthi: With 25 years of experience, Kiran is a highly skilled CEO serving as Managing Partner, Strategy & Operations. His core strengths lie in catalysing digital growth across industries such as B2B payment, E-commerce, media etc. He holds degrees from IIT Madras and IIM Bangalore. Kiran’s specialty lies in empowering companies during their growth phases and developing effective online sales strategies. As a trusted advisor, Kiran continues to play a crucial role in shaping India’s digital economy and guiding businesses towards global expansion.

MIRAI Capital Global garnered the trust of more than 100 Fortune Cos 500 CXOs and successful entrepreneurs who have personally invested through their family offices and dedicated valuable time to help build a global ecosystem of growth partnerships. This is made possible by leveraging the MIRAI JMAC’s execution capability and MIRAI Capital’s unique honeycomb approach.

MIRAI Capital Global, via RFO, has built a strong pipeline of strategic opportunities that will ultimately build a bridge for the India–UAE–US corridor in 2024-25.

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