From Bangkok to the World: Central World’s Iconic Countdown Event Sets the Stage for 2024

Bangkok, Thailand — Hundreds of thousands celebrated the conclusion of 2023 at the heart of Bangkok with the sensational ‘Central World Bangkok Countdown 2024’ event, hosted by Central Pattana plc, Thailand’s premier real estate developer. As the ‘Times Square of Asia,’ Central World has been the iconic New Year’s Eve destination for over two decades, solidifying its status as Thailand’s No.1 world entertainment countdown.

Hundreds of thousands gathered for a historic moment, uniting to count down to 2024 amidst a spectacular showcase of cityscape fireworks and futuristic displays on the world’s largest Panoramix screen. The excitement peaked with performances by renowned artists, including K-Pop sensation Youngjae GOT7, C-Pop star Patrick-Nattawat Finkler, and top Thai talents PP Krit, Billkin-Putthipong, BOWKYLION, Nont Thanont, and Ink Warunthorn. A total of 65 award-winning artists graced the stage, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Chief Marketing Officer of Central Pattana plc, expressed pride in creating memorable moments, emphasizing the event’s significance in Thailand’s New Year celebrations. The Central World Bangkok Countdown 2024 has become a symbol of joy, paralleling iconic countdown landmarks worldwide. For five consecutive years, centralwOrld has featured in Times Square, New York, marking the culmination of the global New Year’s Eve celebration.

Bidding farewell to the year with a 180-degree Futuristic Fireworks show, this event seamlessly blending real fireworks with artistic displays on the Panoramix screen. This unique event, hosting K-Pop, C-Pop, and T-Pop artists on the same stage, contributes to the festive year-end atmosphere while boosting the nation’s economy.

The artists’ performances were divided into five captivating concepts: The Futuristic, The Master, The Collab, The New Legendary, and The Phenomenon. Each segment, meticulously designed by renowned Thai artists Pai-Thana Saengsorn and Nuea-Jakkrit Anantakul, delivered a powerful message of hope, creativity, collaboration, excellence, and celebration.

As the curtains closed on 2023, Central World Bangkok Countdown 2024 left an indelible mark, creating a new chapter in the history of New Year celebrations.

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