Bidgely Named a Top 10 Applied AI Company on Fast Company’s 2024 List of the World’s Most Innovative Companies

Bidgely listed as No. 7 in the Applied AI sector, joining the ranks of OpenAI, Nvidia and more

Bidgely has been named to Fast Company’s prestigious list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2024, ranking 7th in the Applied AI category. This year’s list shines a spotlight on businesses shaping industry and culture through their innovations. These organizations are setting new standards and achieving remarkable milestones in all sectors of the economy.

“As the energy transformation evolves, Bidgely’s applied AI technology ubiquitously addresses utility use cases – including managing the influx of electric vehicles (EV), solar adoption, decarbonizing the grid and much more,” said Abhay Gupta, CEO of Bidgely. “This honor is shared with the entire Bidgely team who works to innovate solutions to pressing issues like grid stability, reducing energy-related carbon emissions and saving customers money on energy.”

Bidgely’s UtilityAI™ Platform transforms the data collected from smart meters to create individual energy profiles for every household and business, enabling utilities to make smarter use of today’s existing grid infrastructure while empowering consumers to make better, more efficient energy decisions.

Last year’s launch of Bidgely’s “8760 Energy Model” – a cutting-edge approach to grid planning, EV analytics, non-wire alternatives and load forecasting – was specifically recognized by Fast Company. With granular insights into how the load curve of each customer contributes to the grid, utilities have enhanced ability to identify trends, predict future grid patterns, encourage grid-stabilizing customer behaviors and better understand the load impact on grid-facing assets.

The addition of EV Managed Charging to Bidgely’s award-winning end-to-end EV Solution also introduced a way for utilities to optimize charging through direct vehicle control to align with low-carbon, low-cost and low-constraint times. In 2023, the company additionally surpassed 1 TWh of energy savings for global customers, which is equivalent to 700k metric tons of CO2 emissions avoided through intelligent energy efficiency programs.

Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Companies

The World’s Most Innovative Companies stands as Fast Company’s hallmark franchise and one of its most anticipated editorial efforts of the year.

Fast Company’s editors and writers identified the companies driving progress around the world and across industries, evaluating thousands of submissions through a competitive application process. The result is a globe-spanning guide to innovation today, from early-stage startups to some of the most valuable companies in the world. Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies package is available online, as well as in-app form via iTunes, and on newsstands beginning March 26. The hashtag is #FCMostInnovative.

“Our list of the Most Innovative Companies is both a comprehensive look at the innovation economy and a snapshot of the business trends that defined the year,” said Fast Company editor-in-chief Brendan Vaughan. “We saw extraordinary innovation across the board in 2023, but we also saw a handful of clear patterns: the growing footprint and impact of AI, the triumphant return of live events, and great leaps forward in climate tech. We face daunting challenges on many fronts, but the solutions we celebrate in MIC give me plenty of hope about the future.”

This recognition follows closely behind Bidgely’s Innovation in Technology award from AESP, inclusion as a “Leader” in IDC’s Worldwide Digital Customer Engagement Solutions MarketScape and third consecutive year as an S&P Platts Global Energy Awards Finalist.

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