Largest Chain of Stretching Studios Globally TOPSTRETCHING Drives Massive Expansion in the Gulf and MENA Using a Franchising Business Model

DUBAI — TOPSTRETCHING, the leading chain of stretching and HIIT fitness studios, remarkable for being the first of its kind ‘for women only’, has announced plans for an impressive scale-up and expansion to 1,000 franchises globally. TOPSTRETCHING’s dominant social media presence of over 3 million followers combined and 1 billion organic impressions, positions it both as the largest commercial fitness presence in this space as well as massively supporting its franchisees marketing efforts.

“Our goal is to be the top fitness business and solution globally,” commented Managing Partner, German Gussakovskiy. “Annual sales per unit are in the region of half a million dollars, with margins of 55 percent compared to the fitness industry’s average of 9.6 percent, thanks to low capex and minimal overheads. Our niche focus on women only means we have a competitive edge in a USD 37 billion market that is expected to grow at around 5 percent, making TOPSTRETCHING an extremely attractive investment proposition”.

TOPSTRETCHING also features a stretching and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) academy to source fitness training candidates for franchisees, enjoying more than 4,000 participants currently and about 1,000 graduates. Its distinctive and science-based methodology focuses on stretching, HIIT, and AEROSTRETCHING training with over 20 different training systems in which the same workout is never repeated, providing a totally immersive experience that is relaxing as well as fun, intensive and which delivers guaranteed results.

“We are a special community that unites and empowers women not satisfied with commercial gyms or ‘for everyone’ concept fitness studios that offer little innovation and poor results,” explained Dmytro Kanyuk, Manging Partner. “From an investment perspective, our high margin low payback model is also supported by a suite of solutions and apps including an intranet, customized training programs and methodology, our online nutrition portal, corporate ERP support, and CRM featuring data analysis and attribution models, as well as vast network of operational supports from training headquarters, which help our franchisees power-up their businesses to access top talent across the board.”

Franchise Director says “With more than 5 times the typical margins in the fitness sector, TOPSTRETCHING far outcompetes all of its nearest rivals thanks to its flexible business model and its immense social media reach, making my role of growing the franchise from its current 33 locations to 1,000 achievable in just five years”.

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