DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Cooking with LG Electronics (LG) is a whole different level of ease and healthy sustainable living. LG appliances enable you to cook healthier dishes evenly and thoroughly, locking in the flavor, in a short time span. Preparing a healthy meal is much easier, without worrying about long hours of cooking, as LG’s newly launched SolarDOM™ is designed to cope with an on-the-go lifestyle while boosting you with a balanced healthy eating experience.

Heat It Up
Unlike conventional products, LG’s SolarDOM™ adds heat not only from the back but also from the bottom, which gives taste-cooking just like a traditional oven. So, if you ever consider a BBQ gathering, never doubt an LG’s SolarDOM™ with its ultimate oven bottom grill quality that enables you to cook your delicious food items 30% faster and saves energy up to 20% thanks to its “No Preheating” process. In this winter season, cozy dishes cooked with love are all that you need, be your own master chef and indulge your cravings in a healthy way with LG’s SolarDOM™.

Better Taste, More Space
The Round Cavity design allows your food to fully fit and be cooked evenly, LG SolarDOM™ take in larger dishes with a maximum diameter. It also concentrates energy directly on food (up to 25% more intensive) and distributes microwaves evenly. Offering you more cooking space with its rounded interior for more usable space for your favorite food items to be cooked healthier as the rounded inner cavity makes better wave distribution for cooking. It is also designed in a way that is easy to clean inside with round curvature.

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